Garlic crop rotating?

disneynut1977(5b, Sunset zone 42)April 24, 2009

I started a bed 4'x6' last full of garlic. I was a little worried, but to my amazement they all came up beautifully. I want to do more next fall, but am very limited with full sun area's (I have ALOT of full size tree's). I got a bunch of free white cedar picket fencing from my step-father, so I want to make more raised beds. The fencing is about 20yrs old, but looks to be in very good shape. I was thinking I could fit 2 bed's total, 12'long x 4' wide. I was thinking 1 bed full of garlic per year would be enough for my family. I did 8" spacing of my garlic planted last fall and I would go 6" spaing from now on.

So because I am limited in space for rotating, 1 year a bed is garlic and the following year put herbs in the bed and switch my garlic to the second bed? Or maybe do garlic 2 year's in a row than switch and grow herbs the same bed?


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snibb(Salt Lake City)

disney..I dont know if this answers anything for you, but, if it were me, I would plant 9 garlic plants per square. Then, I always follow the basic rotation of fruit/root/leaf. If you plant a root(garlic), you then would follow that with either a leaf(ie spinach, lettuce, etc.)or a fruit(beans, broccoli, tomato, etc). So, you then get this natural pest control, and you get a good and safe rotation per each square foot...just an idea

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I planted garlic in my sfg this week, this is my first year, my garlic came from the grocery store, was that ok?

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snibb(Salt Lake City)

It should be just fine

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Lisabeth Olson

If it wasn't sprayed to keep it from sprouting.

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disneynut1977(5b, Sunset zone 42)

I'm suprised this post I had started got bumped back up. For store bought, I actually planted half of my garlic this fall 14 with organic hardneck garlic I had bought at my local store. Sprouted no problem for me.

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