Newest Terrarium Two 30 gallon tanks one on top of the other.

iliketerrariumsJanuary 13, 2006

The last picture was of the newly hatched baby lizard.

Suggestions, questions, or comments very welcomed.

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back2eight(South MS)

hey, thats nice. I wish I had some plants to send you, but I just don't! I'm still trying to get enough for my new tanks myself. I am suprised by the lack of knowledge that the local nurseries have about the plants that they sell. I bought some plants last week, but have no clue what they are or if they will do well. I would much rather buy plants from people who know what they are!

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Yeah! See, thats the same way I feel! Ooops! Thanks for the comment! OK....The first Pic was taken with just the blue lights on, hence the blue tint, all the others were taken with both the actinic blues and daylights on, and I cant see a blue tint, I am looking into some of those "air type plants" and maybe some small vine/climbing plants that will fill in the background, I have the creeping fiscus in the tank now but it has yet to "creep" in the right direction! (up!) Do I have to "teach" it to do so? Please advise! =)

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Looks good, but what sort of drainage system do you have in the bottom of the tank? And how do you access the inside for maintenance.

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mucky water you must be psychic! I just posted the following in the "discussions" section! =)
I notice a few days ago that I had water collecting in the bottom of my tank, this was happening from the misting, it was obviously being done to many times, I had about two inches of water which is way to much as it got up into the soil, I have no drains as I didnt want to risk cracking the bottom of the tank, this must have been going on for a while as the water that I removed from the bottom smelled foul, like rotted vegetation, I removed the water two days ago and the plants never looked "sick" and have noticed new growth on my plants, the question is, should I worry about root rot or anything else? like mold? The ventilation is good and the anoles are fine as they drink water drops from leaves, but I am still concerned mostly about mold, I dont see any but Im no expert, again, the plants and animals seem fine, any help or comments would be appreciated =)

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Ikike: Great start. Would you care to share how you built the background? I have many terrariums but not for frogs, but put layers of diff substrait for drainage and learn how much to water over time. I often (if overdo it) use twisted paper towel (into tight roll) and stick into soil and it will wik up and dry soil out (ie put more substraight in for drainage such as larger stones, laetrate (sp) charcoal for absorbing toxins (from older books but still valid info). Here are links to various sites where they have much more advanced information. Looks good so far. Sherry

Number one Dutch Vivarium site:
Special projects from above:
Great site:
Amazing vivarium site, and how to, nicely videotaped?
His first project (from above):

Fantastic driftwood (and I thought the wood I found at Cresent city CA and in redwoods was fantastic)

other wood source (moss on as well) and other products

Amazing strange and highly unusual woods - twisted, viney so on... extremely unusual from around the world:
Garden Web Forums (small membership fee but well worth it)


Very very large vivarium:
Collection of vivariums from various members from around the world:

How to make from same sourse above:
A variety of vivariuns and other things, parts work some out of date, but useful:
Great site, many photos.... how to:

Loads of information of all types:
Rubber 'lining' for use to safely seal wood so on:
Source for bowls so on and other products from UK, but have ready made vivariums, so as to get ideas from (unusual shapes as well):

Planted driftwood/rocks:

Plants (bog so on) and many other things ie substrate material:

Interesting use of 'laterite' for backgound:


Reptile page/wood so on:

Misc: Aquarium and many other types (bio) entered in competition:

Heating pads for reptiles, misters misc:

Misc products hydroponics you never know what you'll find - fine site:
Mosses, algaies and many other things re to aquariums:
Amazing and some strange plants:

Think I posted before (getting late) huge aquarium/terrarium and many others:
Links to many other links:

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I used the expanding foam method, just copy and paste the link below,, just go there and look at the large four foot tank and it will give you very detailed directions, including pics! =)

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