Winterbor Kale

gjshawk(6)April 24, 2013

On impulse yesterday I bought a 4 pack of Winterbor Kale for my SFG. I have no experience with the plant, but checking online I am guessing 1 per sq ft. I have a flower bed on the north side of the house, but am afraid the plants would not get enough sun, but my SFG beds are on the south side of the house, and I wonder about too much sun. I guess I'll get them in the ground tomorrow 1 per square, unless someone has some wise words of experience for me.

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This site says one per square which seems right to me. We have a perennial kale of some sort in our regular in ground garden, and it's massive.

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Forgot to attach the link

Here is a link that might be useful: Here you go

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Thanks, CaraRose. I was about to plant them 2 per square. Now I'll go with one per. In the ground they go.

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