Dr. Earth Home Grown Veggie Fert.

planterjeff(7b Grant Park Atlanta)April 17, 2014

So I am trying to maintain my sfg organically this year. In the past I have used synthetic ferts to keep the garden going, but this year I felt like making the change. I did quick test on my soil and found there to be a nitrogen deficiency. Basically it is a little low for my nitrogen loving plants. Will this Dr. Earth Home Grown liquid fert work fast? I have read that you really need to use the synthetic stuff for this reason, but I'd love to hear your opinion on the matter. What do you all know about this stuff, or any fast acting organic fert? I already prepped the mix with some Jobes dry fert about a month ago to get it going. Is the Dr Earth a pretty good brand?

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Interested in this brand too. Would love to know your results, if you try it!

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planterjeff(7b Grant Park Atlanta)

It seems to work really well. I have now completed two applications over a one month period and have seen some pretty explosive growth. Now granted, the growing season really kicked in over the last few weeks, but my corn went from around 2 ft to 4 ft within one week of application and is now tasseling at about 6-7 ft. My Tomatoes were around 1-1.5 feet and are now over 3-4 feet each with a good bit of blossoms showing. It is a little bit expensive, as I had to get mine on amazon because it is not sold around me, so I will probably use it more sparingly going forward. I was thinking about going to 1/2 strength every three weeks going forward. I think it is great to get your plants over those growing humps and times of need. It seems to be legitimately fast acting and seems to have a similar effect on the plants as a synthetic fert would. Without going into the results on all of my plants, I would like to add one more thing. I think this pretty much saved my stunted eggplant as it was just a droopy seedling and is now a legitimate plant. It was one day from being pulled before I used this product. So I guess to answer your question, yes I would recommend it for use on all of your veggies. It really helped my garden take off.

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