Pics of resserection fern and Misc.

iliketerrariumsMarch 3, 2006

Here are some pics of the reserection fern and misc. spots in my set up =)

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Looking very good!! Plants certainly look good against the background.
Isn't it interesting how the longer a person keeps terrariums ,the more complex they become??lol
How do you post pix in this format?? My urge to post is only slightly below my fear of frustration lol

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back2eight(South MS)

Yep, looks real good! What is the really tall leaf on the right side of the viv?

Gary, you have to first post your pictures on an image hosting site, like photobucket. Once you have them there you then just copy the image url and paste it here in your message. Self explanatory once you get them on a hosting site. You can't take them directly off of your computer.

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back2eight, thats the brom I collected in Puerto Rico, Its known in PR as the "Papa Gayo" thats all I really know about it, I didnt think it was going to get this big! It was way smaller than when I picked it and was the only one I saw through out my trip! Im sure there are more and I prob saw one just didnt recognize it, maybe it was one of the huge broms I saw hanging from the trees! BOY! I bet that IS what it is! I really hope not! =)

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those are some nice looking foerns, if you ever run out of space with them, don't hesitate to send a few my way! Heh, but ersiously, nice set up, I like the small draping plant, what might it be?

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Thanks, Yeah, I kinda like what the ferns did for the set up! The small hanging plants are Baby Tears. =)

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Wow the baby tears turned out looking great! I'm surprised how quick they went from looking like aquarium plants out of water to beautiful epi's (even though I guess they would be considered bog plants).

Is your waterfall still running at full force?

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The plants look very happy in your tank. The resurrection fern looks great. Mine is doing okay. I might need to make the humidity higher in my tank. I hope my air plants look that happy in my tank when I get them mounted on the piece of grapevine I have.

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back2eight(South MS)

iliketerrariums, what process do you have to go through to collect plants in another country and bring them back to the US? I would like to know in case I get the chance to do that one day.

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Alexis, my plants, including the resurrection fern seem to be doing great, Thanks! =) but the broms on the other hand.... the only ones that are doing great are the one I recieved from the fern guy as a gift (Florida native Brom) and the one with pups growing on the tree branch, and the Papa Gayo, all the rest rotted! even the suculant is growing great but the brom that was growing next to it in the exact same conditions died!? all I can say is keep them in a well drained area, and remember that many member of this site keep them without problems, dont let my somewhat of a failer keep you from trying! =) Back2eight, all I do is call the Agricultural Dept where ever I am and ask about thier "rules/laws" on collecting wild plants and takng them to the U.S., its usually the same, its either not allowed or you must be sure that the plants have no soil or sand on the plants or roots, but its better to just call and be sure. =) also, ask again if there may be a way as the first time I ever did this and was told that I couldnt I asked if the person was sure and if not was there another person I could ask, so sure enough the guy on the phone asked me to hold for a moment, he came back after just a minute or so and gave me the whole soil/sand thing and I was very happy! (it went from "NO" to "sure can" in a matter of a minute!) the "no sand or soil" rule works out great when collecting broms! (no sand or soil on them!) I just collect the "regular" plants the day before Im leaving, clean the roots/plants well, place them in one gallon zip locks, pack them up in a large duffle bag and were off to the states! LOL! The Broms I collect as Im traveling around whatever place Im at as they live through anything! (but my tank) Make sure your duffle bag is large but small enough to carry on, you dont want your plants being banged around and chilled in that cold storage area, I managed to fit 10 plants in all, including six Mangrove seeds which are now five tiny little trees! (I lost one to ...I dont know!)

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