my bibb leaves are turning yellow!

beginnerkelli(6)April 30, 2009

i purchased gourmet bibb transplants from a local garden store and planted them into my sfg a few days ago. i noticed the bottom leaves are turning very yellow. any ideas why its happening?

also, should i cut the yellow leaves off?

i posted pics of my garden on my blog if you'd like to see:

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Melissa Houser

Kelli, I followed the link to your blog, but didn't see a good close-up picture of the problem with your lettuce. However, I often have store-bought transplants lose a leaf or three when I place them in my SFG. As long as the rest of the plant appears healthy, I don't worry about it.

I'd remove the yellowed leaves, because they aren't helping the plant, then watch to see how the lettuce does over the next couple of weeks. There "could" be other problems, including that the transplants weren't hardened off before being planted, water issues, etc... but I wouldn't assume any of those unless the plant has real problems.

You may want to look up what the planting season is for bibb lettuce in your area. If your daily temperatures are really high, it may already be too warm for bibb lettuce to grow well in your area. I've learned that the garden centers here in Florida sell seedlings based on the retail calendar and not really on the planting calendar for my area.

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thank you lissa. i posted a close-up of the lettuce on my blog. the weather here has been fairly cool and cloudy. i haven't watered since i planted them monday but the soil looks ok. do they require lots of water? i'm afraid to overwater because i tend to kill a lot of plants that way.

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Melissa Houser

Use your finger to tell you when to water. If the ground feels dry about an inch under the surface, then it needs water. Also, if your plants' leaves are curling or wilted looking, then they need water.

If you've read Mel's book, he waters perfectly, in my opinion. He keeps a bucket of sun-warmed water next to his SFG and goes out daily (at least) to give each plants it's own drink of nice warm water. Since I have a life to live besides pouring water at the base of 100 individual plants a day(LOL), I use a hose, but I try to stay low near the roots of the plant and water gently.

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i have been on my hands and needs watering them like they're my babies! it's therapeutic. i've been removing the yellow leaves from all my plants and i'm noticing they're perking up quite a bit.

thanks for the advice lissa! i really appreciate it =)

so when do you like to start picking the lettuce leaves to eat?

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Melissa Houser

Personally, I'd pick the lettuce leaves yesterday! Depending on the variety, I usually wait until the inner leaves are the width of half my hand and about as long.

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