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whatisntseenMarch 12, 2006

Abotu a week after its set up and running well.. I fed my frogs some red worms, I think a ocuple may have ended up in the soil. I added more bedabeast to the left side as a couple of the plants just werent doign well. Two of my three broms have given off actual flowers, all three are in spike though. I did pollinate ofne of them today, I'm hoping it will take as I've never done it before and I was just assuming my method was correct. I also added my other piece of wood from my old viv after freezing it for a few days to kill all the little white bugs that I think were mites. and stuck my otherpiece of wood which goes across.. I'm looking for a coulple more orchids andbroms to put in there, particularly epiphytes. And I bought more moss for the left side since it has none and the right has enough to spread and join. I also put some moss I foundoutside i nthere and hoping it takes even though its staying quite green. Its a beautiful moss that I think is interresting for the viv. anyways, here's the picture. Comments please..

notice the mess I ahve in front from using bottled water for my waterfall and just cricket and plant stuff.. It's being cleaned up tomorrow as I ahve the day off from school and have to prepare my 10 gal snake tank for cricket culturing and one of the sweaterboxes for mealworm culture.

I would have more but I cant find the camera and this is the only one I took off the SD card at the time.. I'll add more later..

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Hah, yea, I know how the water thing goes. Mine sucks up about a gallon of distilled water every 2-3 days. I'm usually at Wal-mart just for 6 gallons of distilled water every two weeks.

What lighting do you have on there? Long-term, moss can be a little picky on its lighting.

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i have full spectrum lighting.. its quite bright, burned a couple of my plants. but its keeping my high light plants doing well. the moss in there hasnt browned at all unless its under an area which recieves lower light or my frog stay on it multiple times recently. I'm hoping for the best with my moss, I was lucky enough not to spend a lot on it so I wont be too distraught it it just becomes ferilizer/food for the plants and escapee worms. I stll want to want a billbergia like the one at custom ecos and a couple of other orchids too though..

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back2eight(South MS)

hey whatisntseen, do you still want some epiphytes? I don't have broms but I have tillandsias. I could spare a few, I mounted all of mine in my 150 gallon tank and there is too many of them, I could take some out if you could use them. Something tells me you might have a CP to trade. Actually, I do have a couple of brom pups, but they have been grown in the soil, I think they could be mounted but I'm not quite sure. Let me know if you are interested.

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I'd be interrested given that you inform me what CP means :D I'm familiar with shorthand with snakes and stuff like that, still learning in terms of vivs and plants :)

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back2eight(South MS)

okay, lol, I thought you might have been someone else from another forum. but if you don't know what CP means, you can't be the same person. CP is a carnivorous plant. But I guess that means you don't have one. Email me back2eight@tds.net and we can talk about it.

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