orchid flower in terrarium

dfourer(z5 Chicago)May 10, 2007

Orchid that blooms once per year in my terrarium. Bought it on sale and don't know what it's called. Usually don't have a lot of luck with orchids in terrariums but some do flower. No fans or special stuff here. The plant sits on the ground but not in it. Roots grow horizontally and close to the ground without going into any soil. The plant stands about 40 cm tall and the flowers are about 22 cm x 5 cm, 15 flowers this year.

Image link:

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Great shot, the orchid in question is typically refered to Brassia, the spider orchid.

Good luck

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paul_(z5 MI)

Nice! Haven't been able to bloom a brassia myself no matter what I try! LOL

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