new to sfg - mix or mg?

artlover13060April 23, 2013

Last year as a first time gardener I successfully grew tomatoes on my deck in Miracle Grow in large pots. This year I've built a large cedar planter for the deck and will move the pots to the driveway. I have to decide soon what type of soil to use. For the new planter I'm torn between Mel's Mix and Miracle Grow. Also what to do about the soil in the pots? Can I reuse it? Add compost to it? If so, in what ratio? Please forgive all the questions, but I am really confused.

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Mel's Mix (vermiculite/peat moss/ compost)
is never replaced.
Just add compost when replanting. For the amount to use I would imagine you need to wing that one unless some one can come along to give you specifics.
Mel states, in a 1sg foot area, when replanting a trowel full of compost is mixed into the mixture and your ready to go,.
Are you familiar with ?
You can ask you question there also.

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