WANTED: Anyone in Chattanooga area want to have a swap?

erinlisa(6/7)May 29, 2006

I NEVER see anyone from Chattanooga, Harrison, East Ridge, Decatur, or Rossville area that has plant swaps. I KNOW YOU ARE OUT THERE! Let's organize one! Who is with me? I've got 4 acres in Harrison, we could have it here!

How about individuals that want to get together to trade plants? Anyone? I am a gardening fanatic, and my family doesn't understand me! sniff sniff, boohoo, I am so lonely....... (smile)


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amazindirt(7A mid-TN)

You don't need to recruit from *just* the immediate Chattanooga area. Heck, Knoxville isn't that far..... ;-)

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You go Erin!!!
Fire 'em up from East Ridge to Collegedale; Lookout to Signal and Red Bank to Walden. Hamilton County needs your help!

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I would be interested. I am from Evensville. Which is in between Dayton and Decatur. I would love to talk to other nearby gardners. My family doesn't just not understand they think I'm plumb nuts. LOL Feel free to e-mail me anytime.


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I am plumb nuts! :) I live in Cleveland. I would be interested too.

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Did you ever get a swap event planned? I am in the immediate area and would be interested. I've got some yellow daylillies to swap, if anyone is interested.

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I would love to be apart of a plant exchange in Chattanooga. I will soon be moving there and you have no idea how happy that makes me. I just came back from Iraq after spending over 16 months there, I use to get on the internet and look at trades on gardenweb just to try to give me something to look foward to when I got back, its weird the things that you miss but sitting on the computer late at night sipping a glass of wine, looking and achanging ideal/seeds with all my friends at gardenweb was it. Now I am back soon getting out of the army, just bought a house in chattanooga (just thinking about it makes me teary eyed) but anyway, I am more than looking for foward to a swap around chat

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Hey Erin, here's another "Chattanoogan" transplanted to Soddy Daisy in '84. Looking for dwarf or mini solid orange morning glory seed (it's almost UTK orange!) Have Mini Blue Sky morning glory seed to trade. I found the orange one along a roadside on Mowbray Mtn where I live. Got a few seed but they didn't germinate. ANYBODY OUT THERE SEEN ANY? I had never seen the dwarf orange before and it was gorgeous. The blue is "bluebird blue" and gorgeous too!

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I'm another plant-addict near Georgetown-Birchwood, and was really excited to see these posts.

I know this thread was started a long time ago, but I just saw it. Please let me know if anything came of the local swap idea. I also have a variety of plants I would swap. I have a variety of perreniels and shrubs as well as a lot of indoor plants.


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COunt us in, we are in the Possum creek area of Soddy Daisy. Be nifty to visit the lady from Harrison. Wooded area near the river / coves. Starting flowering trees/ fruit trees, colorful bushes. Have met other local master neighbors, with great backyards. Getting new construction going. Went to a few city fund raisers sales, signal mtn,hiking trail wild flower identify. Learning region colors.

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