Masdevallia In Dual Bloom

paterr(SE Pennsylvania)December 15, 2004

The promised picture of the masdevallia in bloom - two spikes with one flower each...

I have another even better picture of the masdie but it is too big a file to post here and I am wary of supplying the link as it is a commercial page.

I will post some pictures soon of the ventilation system I home-brewed for this terrarium. It isn't the prettiest but it sure works well.

Image link:

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sahoyaref(Alberta z3a)

Gorgeous! It looks very familiar. . . is it M. discoidia? Where did you buy it? I love masdies. I don't own any though. . . yet. . . =)

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paterr(SE Pennsylvania)

i am unsure of the nomenclature as it is the first one I ever bought and did not realize the importance of keeping the information handy.

I purchased the plant at Parkside Orchids in Ottsville, PA - about a 45 minute drive from our house.

I do know I bought it on 8-23-2003 as I wrote the date on the bottom (shouldda written the name too :).

The first flower of the new spike just fell of a couple of days ago and a new one is starting out nicely. the thrid flower on the first spike is still hanging on pretty good - no sign of new bud yet.

I plan to add more masdavallias - and some really tiny orchids too in the blank area in the middle of the background. Too busy starting my online car parts business to get much done on the terrarium for a while though; other than maintenence.

Not that mainstream orchids are boring but I prefer the more exotic and oddball ones.

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gagnon98(SoCT z6)

Just spectacular, paterr! I have but one Masdevallia. It is a cross and is called Ruby Slippers. Darned if I can get the thing to bloom yet. I have just now, for the first time, put a bunch of my smaller orchids in a terrarium, although I hesitate to call it that after looking at these beautiful creations. It is an enclosed aquarium tank and that is it for now. But I'll be interested to see what happens to some of my orchids.

I agree that some of these miniature orchids are quite fascinating compared to the bigger standards.

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