WANTED: and Have: Sansevieria (in knoxville area)

brandon7 TN_zone(7)July 7, 2006

Does anyone else in the Knoxville area collect Sansevieria? I got hooked on them last year and want more types. Right now, I have somewhere around 20 types. Most of mine are single specimens and cannot be divided yet, but I do have a few extras. I am too lazy to ship them, but would be happy to deliver them (already potted and growing well in a nice clay pot) in the Knoxville area if someone has one that I don't for trade.

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i have "birds nest" but if you have 20 kinds, im pretty sure you have that one already.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Ryan, bird's nest Sansevieria are not a particular type (species or cultivar) but a form. The short and squatty, instead of long and more verticle, Sansevieria similar to S trifasciata are often called bird's nest Sans. I do have a few but not every type. If you happen to know the cultivar, it might be something I didn't have. I would especially be interested in any bird's nest form with stong variegation.

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lol, i figured that there would be a cultivar but i dont know it. i took this plant home when they closed the Farragut High School greenhouse in early 2003. it has been at my moms house since. i think it has some varigation on it but not bright white, just lighter and darker green colors. if i could get you a picture of it could you ID it? im fairly certain its a common one, because it didnt come from someones private collection, it came from a public highschool :)

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

I doubt I could for sure. I am becomming more and more familiar with different types, but there are over 130 types including different species and cultivars. I can ID some of them pretty good. I bet if you posted a picture in the Savsevieria Gallery or Forum, someone could easily ID it and be more sure than I would be.

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