1st timer gardening/SFG: Appreciate your review of my layout

huangoApril 2, 2009


I am pretty new to veggie gardening, let alone SFG.

Very excited to get started.

1. I would really appreciate any/all feedback on my layout, especially in terms of companion gardening.

Planning to do a 3x4 with a trellis for the climbers in the back.

Sunflower ===== snap-peas ===== tomato ===== tomato

sunflower ====== spinach ======= carrot ===== onion

potato ======== zucchini ====== basil ====== lettuce

I'd put some garlic in between the tomato (but I read that I'm too late to start the garlic???). And maybe some marigolds all around for pest-deterrent.

2. Planning to build the 3x4 bed with bricks, because we have them available for free.

Any photos to share? I haven't seen any beds made of bricks.

Thank you very much,


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put your far left middle sf by other sf on right side,put snap peas in front of far left sf ,swapplaces with zucchini n potatoes,reason being peas can climb sunflower as a trelis and zucchini is a vining plant so it can sprawl over corner of box on ground,one thought is how deep is your box for potatoes wiill it work in that shallow of a box?need 8-10 inches of soil for potatoes
make back row north side,just a thought have fun

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Thank you so much for your input.

Is this what you're recommending?
Sunflower ===== tomato ===== tomato ===== sunflower
snappeas ===== spinach ===== carrot ====== onion
zucchini ====== basil ======= carrot ====== lettuce

I'm putting potato in its own deep (12-15") planter.
I've replaced it w/ another carrot.
Yup, the trellis side is North.

thanks bunches,

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that should work

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gumby_ct(CT it says Z5)

The zucchini I have grown was a bush and needed it's own 4x4. So the North side is where? The side with the peas?

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