need ideas for what to put in terrarium

Lynn NevinsJanuary 5, 2014

Hi everyone. I have some glass wall terrariums that are somewhat similar to what is shown in the link below. Essentially they are glass globes with a flat back that allows it to be hung on a wall, and there is a hole in the top that's just large enough to stuff a small plant in there.

I had assumed (I guess wrongly) that these would be good for airplants, but alas the air plants didn't do very well, and I was told that in fact they need (duh on me I guess!)...and that that's why they didn't flourish in the terrariums.

So...what would you all suggest for these wall globes? I obviously can't have anything too heavy....would ferns or mosses be better in these....maybe I just put a bit of rocks in the bottom, then a layer of potting soil, then a small fern plant? Or is there a simply plant that could survive with just an occasional soaking/spritz of water, but that wouldn't need soil and/or rocks? I was hoping to keep this pretty simple.... ;-)


Here is a link that might be useful: glass wall globe

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i would fill it with dry spag and put airplants in the holes sticking out to get more airflow

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Lynn Nevins

Thanks...that's a good tip....although I'm not so sure how the visual might be...just globes filled with spag and then 'things' popping out from the top...I tend to prefer a look where things are more natural and random and in this instance (since I have three globes on the wall in an asymmetrical pattern), it might just look too 'uniform'....three globes of spag with little things protruding from the top...

I wonder if there might be another way to mix things up...or maybe other items I could mix in WITH the spag, so at least the interiors of the globes are a bit more 'interesting'? Though I would have no clue how to do this as I really have no experience with terrariums.. although I suppose I could put small white rocks at the bottom of 1 or 2 of the globes, yes? sort of mix things up?...any other ideas from anybody?


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There is some very pretty air plants for sale on eBay. . I too love those globes there but have never had the courage to do one "yet". Good luck

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Succulents like hens and chicks work well because they grow slowly and don't need to be watered often. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors

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paul_(z5 MI)

Keep in mind that "on your wall", the light quality is unlikely to be good enough to grow much of anything or even maintain much. Hanging them on a window presents its own issues -- particularly the high likelihood of overheating. (Keep in mind, too, that just because and area "looks" bright, that doesn't mean it truly is. Light that appears bright to our eyes, can still fall far short of what a plant require for photosynthesis.)

Airplants, btw, require quite a bit of light. Something not likely to be achieved on a wall.

Are you looking at the possible plantings as ephemerals or long term? If you don't mind redoing them regularly, then your options are greater because you won't be worrying about the plants' health/welfare. If you are hoping for long term, your options are minimal.

There are plants, including orchids, that are truly mini and would easily fit for quite a while in such a small space. However, the plants are by no means cheap, and you still would have to determine your light, temperature, and humidity levels in the globes.

Mosses from deep shade areas could work well as ephemerals ... don't know about long term. You might then use non-living items to create little scenes in the globes.

Note: Tap water would not be a wise choice for whatever plants you try in there. Use distilled, rain, RO water.

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