wanted: haves/wants: etps fall 2010

tlfox(7b-8a)September 5, 2010

Posting a link to my exchange list - helps me keep up with it a little better.

Looking forward to the swap this year.


Here is a link that might be useful: Tiffany's Trade List

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Tiffany, I'd love to trade one of the poms you wanted for a Lonicera sempervirens. You don't happen to know the cultivar (if any) do you?

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Brandon - I am not sure of the cultivar - it was on the "dead" table for a quarter and I took a chance. My hummingbirds love it and the blooms are really quite beautiful. I will dig up my pics from the summer and post them later this week. But that would be a great trade - thanks!

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Okay - if I am looking at the pics that I have been able to pull up and descriptions for them correctly - I have "Molten Lava". But I hope to have some time to rumage through my pics this week and post them to go with my list. Hope that helps!

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Nevermind Brandon - wrong plant...LOL. That's what happens when you are too tired to pay attention.

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If you have some left, I would like a Lonicera, Delosperma (have not had good luck with these making it thru the winter) and Sedum in trade for the items you want from me. May find something else too if you add more items to your have list before the swap.


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Got you on the list for all of them, I'll bring you a couple of the Delosperma. I live further south than you and I grow the Delosperma close to the house to take advantage of a warmer microclimate from the bricks. Around here - close the house will buy you maybe a 9a zone. It makes for some excitement as I find more things that survive the winters here. I know I take my chances, one wet, cold winter and they might all be gone - but it's fun to experiment just the same.


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