Here is the finished result on my 4' x 12' bed

bananastandApril 4, 2010

Thank you all for the advice! Just wanted to share a picture of my raised bed all set in place. I worked the sandy base where a swingset used to be, and also tried to remove most of the landscaping fabric that was below the sand, so that my plants will be able to root deeper than the 8" height of my box. Now I have a nice mix of sand and soil as a base. I plan to line the outer borders with wet newspapers and cover it with bark mulch. I hope the weeds from the lawn don't take over in there now that I took up a lot of the landscaping fabric. Anyway, I'm excited now! I will fill with Mel's mix tomorrow or Tuesday. Yay!

P.S. The box behind the new raised bed used to be the sandbox. Last year I took that on, removing weeds and mixing it with soil. What you see coming up in there are transplanted irises, lovage, and lemon balm. This should be a nice little garden area with my new expansion!

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Lookin' good!

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susancol(7 Atlanta)

Very nice! I think you'll have great success with your new bed. I do agree with Dan, I think, who suggested that you mix some compost or something with the sand at the bottom of the bed and then top with Mels mix. The plants will love you! :)


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nycynthias(Z6 NY)

Looks great! I bet this will be a really pretty and interesting garden once it's all planted out :)
I agree about mixing some compost or other nutrient-containing soil type item in with the sand.

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It's going to be wonderful. What a great idea to reuse the sand box.

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angela12345(7b NC Mixed-Humid)

This looks so nice !! I love the border of sand around it. Much nicer than my border of grass that stays trampled as I obsessively go out and watch the plants grow several times a day in my garden. : )

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Thank you everyone! Now if it will ever stop raining I can fill it with Mel's mix and plant!!!

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