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junebugntn(7B)September 26, 2010

Here's another effort by the newbie to get all this straight. I would like to come to the swap to gain more knowledge on all sorts of things including GardenWeb. I have added a list to my profile of things I can divide and bring to the swap. I don't know how to link from here. As my garden is new, I would like to know if someone wants something before I divide. I also do not have any pots at this time. I'll try to locate some to transport. Or maybe I can use paper cups or such. Let me know if there are protocols I need to follow. I also need directions to the park. Thanks for everyone's help and advise. I'll keep working on this and update later.

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Directions to Tyson park can be found on the old plant swap webpage: http://www.easttnplantswap.com/. Or if you need a map somewhere like MapBlast. I will be bringing some pots to swap and you are welcome to them for use at the next swap anyway. If you have a list of "have" items for trade on your exchange page (like I do and some others) just copy the URL from that page then come back to this page and add a new post. Then in the "optional link URL" space paste your URL that you previously copied. In the "name of link" space give a name like "my trade list".


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Ok. Let's see if this works. This should be a link to my exchange list.

Here is a link that might be useful: June's Lists

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Link does indeed work. From your list I would be interested in the iris and any of the daylillies (the bigger the better). Check out my list and see if there's anything you want. Welcome to the swap!


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Hi June - welcome to the swap!

I would be interested in any of the daylillies. Please check my list and see if you are interested in anything I have listed. Also - I see you have pink coneflower on your want list - I have seeds for Rocky Top Coneflower. They grow like weeds in Chattanooga - like so many other seeds that I have just put out to see what happens. If you are interested - let me know - be glad to bring them.


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Hi June,
I have lots of water plants. Had not planned on bringing any to this swap but since you are looking I may.

What kinds are you looking for?

I do have yellow water iris, Variegated sweetflag,
Lizzards tail, Rainbow or Chameleon plant , and Sagitaria / Arrowhead plant.
I think I may also still have a Black gamecock (deep purple iris type)

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Well I'm afraid I will not be able to come to the swap. My daughter is coming home from UGA for the weekend. It is the only time she has before Thanksgiving, so I guess I'll have to spend a little time with her.:) Actually, I do hate it that I can't make it. I will have to try again in the spring. If anyone would still like to follow through on the trades, I will be in Maryville the next weekend and could meet up to trade out. Hope everyone has a great time.

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