WANTED: gourds

hosta_mom(6-7/TN)September 28, 2005

Does anyone have any gourds to spare to bring to the mid tn swap???

I want some for martin houses & some for decorating--let me know what you might want in exchange. Pretty Please.....


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cfb123(Mid TN)

I can use some hostas--do you have any unusual types? Or any perennial full sun tolerate plants? Or anything else unusual?

But, I'll bring them for you, no matter. ;-)


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cfb123(Mid TN)

Forgot to post how many I'd bring for you! Claudia

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Cool - - I'll get ya a couple nice hostas together - I have to see what needs division. Would you like some that stay small?? I know my lemon lime needs to be divided. How about hosta companion plants (japanese painted fern)

I also have a nice peony start for full sun that could be pink, white, red, or if you are real lucky blue, since I got them mixed up & my sharpie ink faded away.

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maternut(7 west tn)

I can get you some for decorating, a little small for
Martin houses. On the subject of Martin houses, I bought
some plastic gourd shaped ones, not one bird built a nest
in them. I have store bought and homemade houses,they had
about 10% occupancy, gourds 100%.

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cfb123(Mid TN)

I'm no hosta ID expert...so whatever you're willing to share, that's great by me :-) Small growing ones are fine. The Jap. painted fern would be much appreciated, too.

I'm just not interested in the usual green with white edges or blah-blah light green leafed varieties...already have a couple of those.

I'll pass on the peony...no place to put it.

Looking forward to meeting you. Claudia

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mari5us(z6a/b TN)

Hi Hosta mom,
I've tried emailing you several different times but still can't get thru. I have a couple of the big bird house gourds,one is alrady cut out for a birdhouse,and the other has seeds in it. Let me know if you'd want them -- I'd like your lemon lime hosta, what other hosta do you plan to bring? Or maybe Japanese painted fern. Thanks.

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I evidently let my e-mail wither & die due to neglect...LOL

I just sent you an e-mail marianne.

I changed it so maybe now I can be contacted. SORRY!!!

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