Plants please for school project

march(z4 WI)January 20, 2007

Hello from Wisconsin!

Our Elementary school is planning on a Science fun night for families. My third grade teacher friend and I are planning on terrariums for them to make and take home. However, the plant prices at the big box stores and local florist are beyond our budget. I am hoping that many of you would be interested, for postage, to send to me, or my school, some indoor friendly plants for us to share. We are expecting our project area to be popular with 30-40 families visiting our table! Please email me at this spot or directly to my school address: Thank you!

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You guys can pick up pothos, creeping figs, wondering jew, and so on for just a couple dollars each, divide them and they will all root very quickly in water and will grow very fast, you should get at least 20 cuttings each from each mature plant you buy, your going to be paying more just for postage on the amount of plants you need/would get from the members here, all the plants I mentioned are fast growers and would do great in terrariums that are just going to be "take home projects" for kids =) Good luck with your project =)

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