have: pre-trading for the mtps, fall 2007

amazindirt(7A mid-TN)October 14, 2007

Last chance for pre-trades!

Here is my short list of stuff I can definitely bring if asked. You can also see my long plant list here:


The stuff on the long list may or may not be available for trading. Just ask.

Let's get some trades arranged!

yellow brugmansias -- very large unrooted cuttings

rosemary -- very large plants, recently dug up and may be very stressed

artichokes -- also mature plants, also recently dug up -- you can propagate artichokes from root cuttings, so I suspect these will survive, but you will have to treat the roots like dahlias over the winter

Anemone robustissima

Alpinia zerumbet variegata -- variegated shell ginger

Begonia 'Bubbles' -- cane-type (aka angel wing)

Begonia 'Fanny Moser' -- cane-type (aka angel wing)

Begonia 'Frosty' -- cane-type (aka angel wing)

Begonia 'Miss Mummy' -- cane-type (aka angel wing)

Begonia 'My Special Angel' -- cane-type (aka angel wing)

Bletilla striata 'albostriata' -- hardy orchid with white stripes at the edges of the leaves

unidentified cryptanthus/dyckia species -- Earth stars

Cycas revoluta -- Sago palm

Cymbopogon citratus -- lemon grass

Cyperus papyrus "King Tut" -- dwarf giant papyrus (NOT the usual dwarf papyrus)

Hemerocallis 'Plum Perfect' -- purple daylily

Hibiscus acetosella 'Haight Asbury' -- variegated tropical hibiscus -- cuttings, may or may not be rooted

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis probably 'Snow Queen' -- variegated tropical hibiscus -- cuttings, may or may not be rooted

Iris 'Stitch Witch' -- dwarf iris

Iris x germanica 'Yo Yo' -- dwarf iris

Iris pallida aureovariegata -- variegated grape-scented iris

Kedrostis leloja

Laurus nobilis -- bay laurel -- cuttings, may or may not be rooted

Microsorium diversifolium -- kangaroo paw fern

Origanum majorana -- sweet marjoram

Origanum marjoricum -- hardy sweet marjoram (if it roots!)

Passiflora 'Incense' -- rooted cuttings

Philodendron selloum 'Xanadu'

Ravenea rivularis -- majesty palm

Rhaphidophora tetrasperma -- mini split leaf "philodendron"

Salvia officinalis 'Berggarten' -- wide-leaved culinary sage

Salvis officinalis 'Tricolor' -- variegated culinary sage

Vitex trifolia 'Atropurpurea' -- purple-leaved Arabian lilac

dwarf variegated agapanthus -- probably 'Tinkerbell'

scented geraniums -- assorted, several types, will be listing later

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farmerbell(6b TN)

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