Clarification of exactly when swapping begins

cfb123(Mid TN)October 10, 2005


I see that the 10/15 swap begins at 9am CST.

Just to make that when we are to begin SETTING UP or actually SWAPPING??

If the swapping starts at 9:00, then I'm gonna have to start my day really really early on Saturday. LOL

Thanks--really looking forward to this :-)


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We need to be there to set-up by 9:00 CST and the swapping will begin at 10:00 CST. They are bumping all Swap stuff to the Exchange Page so I hope that everyone comes over here.

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cfb123(Mid TN)

Yes...I got my hand slapped with a "friendly reminder" from the GW topic was about a "time", nothing about plants to swap!

For what it's worth, you started a thread about 3 weeks ago about plants to trade and I very clearly saw the word "swap" in the 2nd sentence!!!!! Tsk, tsk...why didn't you post it here? :-) (And how come you didn't get a lickin'?? lol)

IMHO...a lot of nice plants to trade may be overlooked 'cause it's in "discussions". You ought to move it here. Again, just my humble opinion.


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Oh I got slapped TWICE this week! The reason that I usually put Swap stuff on the Discussion Page is because most folks don't hit the "Blue" page very often. I just wait for Spike or whoever to bump my threads over here. That way everyone gets a chance to check 'em out.

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