HELP! Something growing on a plant

back2eight(South MS)January 3, 2006

I just found some whitish spots on a plant in my viv with my tomato frogs! You can scrape it off. It is all over the plant. This may be unrelated to the spots on the plants, but I also saw something goopy or slimy looking on one of the frog's head. Could I have some kind of pest or growth that could harm the frogs? Does anyone have an idea what this could be! I would hate to have to take the tank apart, but if that is what I have to do... The plant is just some bog grass, but I do have lots of CPs in this tank also that I don't want to get killed by whatever this is, but I need to know what it is before I know what to do about it. thanks!

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Do you have good air circulation? it sounds like mold (the little white spots)I had my fan fail and I noticed little white spots forming on my plants the next day! replaced the fan and poof, away it went, as for the goop on the frogs head, that could be anything from feces to sickness, Id clean him up with RO or spring water and keep an eye on him for a while, if it returns you can take the proper precautions. I am in no way an expert so please dont take this info as such =) Good luck =)

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Conditions are too wet in the soil there (and probably the air) and you'll have to use some kind of fungicide and either keep conditions drier in there, use a fan, or don't grow things that can't take bog conditions, but I have no idea at all what the fungicide might do to the frogs.

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back2eight(South MS)

It may be a scale insect's eggs, too. I'm still not sure if it is that or fungus. Either way, the frogs should be fine. The stuff is gone off of the frog's head. I still don't know what it was. I'll keep a watch for signs of illness. I have all bog plants in there, the humidity and air flow are what they need to be for the frogs, although the plants could live with less, but they are certainly doing well with what I've got. Once my springtail culture comes in it should be a really big help for fungus problems. I just panicked when I saw those spots, because my frogs cost 80 bucks a piece, and the plants were not too cheap, either. I don't want to lose any of the plants or frogs! Thanks for the help!

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Call me dopey, but what do the springtails do to prevent mold? I really have no clue? =(

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back2eight(South MS)

Well, I know that they eat waste. So they really help to clean up a tank, eating frog waste and rotting matter. I have no idea if they actually eat mold or fungus, but if they help get rid of stuff like the waste products, then that probably goes a long way towards mold prevention, too, since it likes to grow on that stuff. Of course, with a tropical terrarium it is growing everywhere anyway, most likely.

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Heres some info I found, might be helpful (I know I learned something new!) Culturing Springtails

Springtails are primitive wingless insects in the subclass Apterygota. They are chiefly soil and/or litter dwellers, and live off the fungi that decompose organic matter. Although they can be very abundant in soil in the outdoors and household plants, they are seldom noticed because of their small size. Most of them are 3 mm or less in length. Their size makes them an excellent food source for newly morphed dart frogs. They are also useful if introduced into a vivarium with a soil substrate where they will colonize and serve as scavengers for the ecosystem.

First, take some potting soil (Jack Cover at the National Aquarium in Baltimore recommends mixes formulated for African violets) and place it in a microwaveable container. Cover the soil mix with water and allow the soil to hydrate for about 5 minutes. Next, drain the water off and microwave the soil until hot. After the soil has cooled, place approximately 1 inch of the soil in an air tight container such as tupperware and add water until there are some low points of pooling water. Now introduce a starter culture of springtails. To provide food for the springtails, add flake fish food to the culture and mist with water to insure the food is moist. Do not worry if fungus is seen in the culture, as the springtails will feed off of it. Please note that new cultures need to be setup approximately once a month. Also, temperatures above 80 degrees will greatly reduce productions.

Another method I have seen is to keep moist mulch in a large container, keep it moist, introduce springtails into it, and let nature take its course. To feed, place a handful of the mulch in the vivarium.

For places to order supplies and starter cultures Click Here

65° - 75° F. (18° - 24° C)

The easiest method I have found is to place several pieces of tree fern bark (approximately 3" x 3") into the culture and place the food on the tree fern bark. The springtails will move into the tree fern. When you want to feed, place one of the pieces of the tree fern bark into the tank with the frogs. This is especially useful with newly morphed froglets which need to have food available in a form that they can feed on anytime.

I personally do not know of anyone that feeds springtails exclusively, because of the small size of the springtails. I normally keep 2 - 4 going when I have froglets.

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I have a vivarium too. I also have white mold but the only difference is that i have a snake in my viv. I know that frogs and springtails get along well, but how about snakes and springtails??? I am having an incrediably difficult time finding information on springtails and snakes.

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