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iliketerrariumsJanuary 16, 2006

Hi all! Up for grabs is an ultra sonic terrarium fogger! (Paid $65.00 for it!) It worked well for me but I dint like the fact that the disc sheds the metalic "skin" into the terrarium (as do most, if not all replacement disc) does this cause a problem? I dont know and do not want to find out! It does need a replacement disc, but works fine, So, to make it fair, the first person to reply to this post will get the goodies! you will also be responsible for shipping cost =) I will pack it and send it out to you via regular USPS mail, you can then, when you reveive it, send me a money order for the shipping cost (I trust you) or some plants or whatever terrarium stuff you think I might be interested in! (Im not trying to get $60.00 worth of stuff, just the shipping would be nice!) =) Maybe the start of a new bartering system! LOL! I put this fogger away about 8 months ago and just found it so....OK....cya!

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hey ive been looking on getting one of these... ill take it for shipping cost... email me @ inyipid@aol.com thanks

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Im sorry this offer is for pre existing members =( you just signed up today and I really dont know you as I know most of the regulars on this site, I should have mentioned that in my post =( but I look forward to getting to know you and reading your future post, please post some pics of your set up as thier are many people here that have much knowledge and have great Info to offer! =)

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pno_nor(z7 VA)

That last post made me laugh! Haha, I'm two Sierra Nevada's deep but that was funny. Thanks iliketerrariums!

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Im sorry? I dont get what made you laugh? I wasnt trying to be mean, I just wanted to let people know that this was for "rooted" members only, not just someone trying to get something for free or recieve it to re sell it on flea bay or something, I just wanted to offer it to a member that might be in need of one. =)

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OK.....I thought one of you guys might be in need of one of these foggers? But it looks like maybe I was wrong =( Well consider the offer over I guess. =(

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You didn't give anyone much time to take you up on the offer! I only check the forum once a week...anyway I don't need the fogger but that's nice of you to offer.

Out of curiosity, could you explain why you want to get rid of it? Something about the disc falling apart? I'd just like to know since I have one of those foggers myself.

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Hey cdfortin, I kinda got discouraged with the two people that did reply, I never saw either one of them on the site, thats why I said,"I guess" =) So its officially back up for grabs! LOL! The replacement disc that I have purchased all have a coat of either copper or bronze or some kind of coppery colored metal, as time goes by this "metal" dissolves off of the disc and into the water/air in the tank, take a look at your new disc and look at it after it stops working, you will see a visible differance in the color, and, if you keep it in its own container of water you will see the bits of metal in the bottom, again, does this affect our animals or plants? Dont know, but Im sure there is a replacement of much better quality, like the one in the Sunbeam humidifier, I just cant find it!

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Your tanks totally INSANE!!! I like it....a lot! If I only had the tools!

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Thanks. Honestly I didn't have any special tools. Just basic stuff like a hammer, powerdrill, tape measure, box saw. I actually had the large pieces of plywood cut at Home Depot.

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I don't know if anyone has already replied first to the fogger offer but I have a dart frog in a 20 gal long tank that would appreciate an ultra sonic fogger. The water dish always dries up by the middle of the day and it would keep the frog hydrated. It's been a week since I last posted on this forum (the post about having trouble with my plants - ferns, etc.) but I've been busy with my professional horticulturist classes to post.

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Its yours! Just send your address to me and I will send it out either Sat or Mon =) Remember that it needs a new disc (just a couple of bucks, five the most) and I would love it if you could send a terrarium plant in trade, anything that stays small, under four inches =) you dont have to...but it would be nice! =)

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The ultra sonic fogger arrived okay yesterday. I would e-mail you but my e-mail is not working. All my e-mails seemed to have just disappeared out of nowhere. It's probably just trouble with the e-mail server, I hope. I'll be sending the plants to you next week.

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Great!I hope it works out for you,Ill let you know when the plants arrive =) Enjoy!

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