flytrap terrarium

flytrapper(B1)January 30, 2005

Hey I just got a new Venus flytrap and i got a terrarium just for that Venus flytrap I need some help on what to put in im only gonna leave it the pot and then im going to leave the soil that it has and get some fake moss and put it around the pot to make it look better what else could I put in that little terrarium to make it look better? If you could get back to me on that one I would appeciate it Thanks.

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sahoyaref(Alberta z3a)

You could plant the VFT directly in the terrarium, in the same soil mix and grow wild-collected moss around it (to make it look nicer), or grow it in some live sphagnum moss in the terrarium (the moss wouldn't need soil to grow on). Make sure you only use rainwater or distilled or Reverse-Osmosis water that you can buy in grocery stores or wine-making supply stores (in the blue jugs). And remember that these plants need a dormancy period every year. You can probably skip it this year, since it should have gone dormant in the fall, but don't skip it next year. Go to for lots of VFT culture info. Sphagnum and/or wild-collected moss should also enjoy the dormancy, especially wild moss. Don't collect sphagnum from the wild yourself, because it is already being overharvested everywhere in the world except New Zealand. You can also buy dried NZ sphag., and many times it will still have viable spores and will begin to grow again after a while if it is kept moist and in good light. Other little things you can do to make a terrarium look nice are to add nice rocks, bits of driftwood/twigs in interesting shapes, etc.

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RavnKing(MB, Canada z2b)

I would suggest being very careful when growing mosses other than sphagnum with carnivorous plants as many of them add nitrates and nutrients back into the soil and will eventually kill your carnivorous plants. In Canada there is a large supply of sphagnum pretty much always available at local greenhouses as it is widely used with many plants. If you have a hard time finding some then check out a local orchid supplier as they are bound to have some for sure. Other things that grow well with carnivorous plants are more carnivorous plants. As mentioned, things like unique rocks you find and driftwood are great additions to a terrarium. I like to go on hikes and look for rocks and trees that have lichens on them and add those for their colour and unique looks. The lichens are almost impossible to kill and grow slow enough that they pretty much will never take over your terrarium.


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sahoyaref(Alberta z3a)

Why do other mosses add nitrates to the soil? I've never heard of that. And I sure have a hard time finding live sphag! I also have a hard time growing lichens, because they seem to require cold temps. *sigh* I guess I need more growing experience! Darn. . . =) Though I guess one could grow lichens in a VFT terr, because VFTs need a dormancy as well. This gives me an idea. . .

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mrbreeze(z6/7 OK)

Keep a close eye on the ground mosses. It looks great to have a nice thick layter of luxurious moss w/ a VFT poking up through it...but...eventually the moss w/ grow over or squeeze out the VFT and you're left with just a nice pot of moss. Since the moss is so slow growing, you can let it grow even right up to the VFT 'stem'...but I would pinch out the moss that grows around it before it closes in completely. I'll just pinch off a bit from around the plant and put it somewhere else that I want moss to grow. Moss can also prevent water from getting down into the media and prevent good air flow interchange between the pot and the air. This is not as much of an issue for VFTs since they usually get watered from the bottom, and are used to boggy media...but any plants that like air flow at the roots can be adversely affected by moss growing (darn it). good luck!

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