In ground SFG?

jerem(5b)April 7, 2010

Hi im new to gardening and im interested in maybe starting a small SFG like only a 4x4 to start off with but every guide i have came across is all about above ground and building boxes and beds, but im really not looking to build boxes or bed i just want to do it in the ground because we do have pretty good soil around here. Do you know any links how to start a in ground SFG?

Thank you :)

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I'm sorry I don't have any links but I have Mel's first book on SFG. He had it in the ground so the SFG idea really isn't about having a raised bed garden. It is about having the plants spaced in a square foot instead of rows. I thin the main attraction with the raised bed method is because you mix the soil so you can get the balance easier where if you are working with the ground, you have to test a lot and amend the soil a lot. If I were you, I would just garden like normal but just change the spacing.


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tishtoshnm Zone 6/NM

If I were doing it in the ground, I would probably spread a bag of compost over the designated area and then when planting the veggies add a trowel of Mel's Mix or just compost. It is very doable and cheaper too!

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Yup It is the spacing that makes a square foot garden. Raised beds not needed! I have a 4 x 28 non-raised bed and a 4 x 12 raised bed both work great. Different, but great. tishtoshnm has it nailed. Have fun.


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