A question about some new plants that are in my frog's tank

alexis(z8FL)February 6, 2006

I got a new plant for my dart frog's tank yesterday. It is a Sansevieria trifasciata ÂGolden HahniiÂ. Does anyone know if they do good in terrariums? I usually don't buy snake plants for any of my frogs but this one didn't have the very sharp points on the end that I've seen other snakeplants having. I also have the following plants in my tank. Let me know if any of them might not like terrarium conditions or might be bad for a frog to have in its tank (I also want to add that I ffed my dart frog in a different container so any plant that poisonous if a cricket would eat it and then my frog would eat it doesn't apply to the situation). Here's the list of the other plants: Scindapsus Pictus Argyraeus (silver philodendrum), Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema), 2 jewel orchids Ludisia Discolor and a Macodes petola cutting, Dracaena with color like Dracaena Fragrans Massangeana but the lime green is on the outside and the dark green is in the middle of the leaf (a google search has turned up no results on this one), and a Dracaena Fragrans 'Warneckei'.

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Why would you add something to the tank and then ask about it? Hope your frog's ok (I don't know that there's anything wrong with the plant, but what if there is?).

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Ive kept the drarf type (Sansevieria trifasciata, Golden HahniiÂ?) in my terrariums without problems, I had a large group in my 55 gallon set up, (eight if I remeber correctly) as long as the soil wasnt constantly wet/moist they were doing great and only grew to about four inches tall, as for Scindapsus Pictus Argyraeus, Chinese Evergreen, Dracaena Fragrans Massangeana, Dracaena Fragrans 'Warneckei' they get pretty darn BIG for a terrarium!? =)

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I have a 20 gallon long tank. I've researched the silver philodendrum (Black Jungle says it's okay to put in the tank). I've researched the other plants and they are frog safe (I never put a plant in there without researching if it's safe for frogs). My main concern is if they will do okay in the tank with humidity (I don't keep the soil moist all the time and let it dry between waterings)and tank conditions. I know the Dracaena will get big (they are small cuttings right now -- I plan on replacing them with smaller plants when they get too big -- I just couldn't look at the tank with only having three plants in it). The chinese evergreen will probably stay in the tank and not get replaced (I might upgrade the tank for a slightly bigger one in about a year or two).

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sahoyaref(Alberta z3a)

With the exception of the scindapsus pictus, all of your plants would prefer to be outside of a terrarium. They all get too big, and they all like to dry out between waterings, which your PDF would not like. Having a dry substrate can dehydrate your frog. Sanseveria are non-toxic and will do fine. They are amazingly hardy, though they do prefer a drier substrate. I kept my first one filled with water because I thought it was a brom. =) When I found out what it was, I took it out of my terr. and potted it up, and it's doing great! Probably would have done fine in my terr though. But since you have PDFs, where are your broms? They are essential to dart frogs. And it's probably more stressful for the frog to always be taken out of the tank for feedings than if you left him in there. I've never heard of a frog accidentally eating plant matter while feeding, and certainly not the little PDFs. I can understand if a PacMan did it, but I've never even heard of that. Besides, what'd toxic to a human isn't neccessarily toxic to a frog. They're more sensitive to chemicals in the water and soil than in anything in a plant.

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I am planning on changing the setup in a month or so (right now I'm job searching and can't do much in the way of plants price wise - plus all the websites that sell the frog plants use credit cards which I don't use or own). I will probably only keep the Sanseveria, silver philodendrum, and jewel orchids. I will see how the Aglaonema does on a trial basis first. I am planning on getting one of those new dwarf bamboo types (only ten inches tall) that I saw on a website in a month to replace the Dracaena plants. I feed the frog outside the tank due to a situation that happened when I just got the frog a few years ago. I got some bad advice from one of the local pet stores to put the frog in with the crickets. The crickets attacked the frog and I had to save her. Now she will only eat them in a separate container where she can see where they are, one at a time. I've also tried bromeliads in the tank. The regular garden store ones rotted at the roots and died. The one that the frog is supposed to be used to, she would not go near it because it was too unfamiliar to her (she didn't recognize the red and purple neo ones as a bromeliad). Then again, I could try one again since it might of not been my fault (I later found out that they had some sort of white mold on them from the store).

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sahoyaref(Alberta z3a)

Weird! You seem to have the most skittish little frog I've ever heard of! Why don't you feed her fruit flies though? That seems to be the preferred food of choice for small PDFs. Also, they generally need to live in groups. Your frog might be so nervous because it's alone. Try getting her a buddy when you can afford it (of the same species, of course).

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I've tried fruit flies. They fly to the sides and she can't climb too well after them. Unfortunately, my dart frog is a Epidendrodates trivattus 'Red'. The mutation is a rare one and the cheapest one I've seen places selling them is $75 for wild collected ones (legal wild collected ones with permits). My dart frog is the black with orange-reddish stripes (2 of them) down her back. The regular type (which is only twenty five dollars each) is black with three green stripes down the back. I got my frog three or four years ago, one summer, at a local exotic pet fair in town for only eight dollars. I've visited the fair every year but haven't seen anyone selling any frogs like her since that time. My frog is kind of on the shy side. It took four months till she would not run away from me after I got her.

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I still don't understand why you don't use fruit flies? The ones sold as food are genetically mutated so that they can't fly. Even though you've been doing it for years, I think it does stress the frog to take it out of the tank for every feeding.

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Just wanted to update everyone on the plants in the tank. I've changed some of the plants around and now the plants in the tank are:
Fittonia 'Red Anne'
Sansevieria trifasciata ÂGolden HahniiÂ
Baby rubber plant
Ludisia discolor (Jewel orchid)
Macodes petola (Jewel orchid)- I've researched this one and it says it only reaches 18 inches at the tallest)
Philodendron ÂPrince of OrangeÂ
Silver Philodendrum
Goodyera pubescens (Downy Rattlesnake Orchid)
Mounted Resurrection fern

I have grown the Ludisia discolor for several years before putting it in the tank and it doesn't seem to be a tall growing orchid. Also, I've had the Macodes petola for about 2 years and it doesn't really seem to be one of the taller growing ones. The Philodendron 'Prince of Orange' is a hybrid that only gets 6 to 8 inches tall. I don't know if the baby rubber plant is the minima hybrid that stays small so that might have to be taken out if it grows too tall. Jewel orchids do like to remain slightly on the moist side. Actually, plants in my tank have to like soil that stays slightly moist because my soil in the tank always seems to remain on the slightly moist side so there really is no danger of my frog dehydrating. The jewel orchids have been in there for a month or two and are really thriving in the soil. I will try using the fruit flies that can't fly (they won't put larvae in the peat moss soil in the tank, will they). Another problem I had with the fruit flies was that the culture kept getting bad and killing the flies. The reason I don't want larvae getting in the soil is that last year I had to change the soil and wash off all the plants due to some baby recluse spiders showing up in the tank through infected plants (I now wash off any plants - roots and all - before they come into the tank) so I'm kind of wary of any critters living in the soil.

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