So What do you keep in your Vivs?

whatisntseenFebruary 26, 2006

Just out of curiosity, what do you keep in your vivs in terms of animals. I know that most people have denbatoids in theirs, but I keep White's Tree Frogs and will be transfering them to my nice large 65 gallon viv once its finished. Anyways, so do you keep red eyes, denbatoids, white's, or possibly anoles, some fish, AIR!?!? Name it, post some pics if youd like, do whatever, I'm just looking for some enlightenment.

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deadhamster(Z5 MI)

I have a brazilian rainbow boa and a pair of amazon tree boas.


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I have an anole or two, but only because they manage to dodge my every attempt to get them out of there! LOL!

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back2eight(South MS)

denbatoids? Do you mean dendrobates? I have four d. leucomelas in one tank, and two tomato frogs in the other.

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dendrobates, heh, shows how tired I was when I posted it.. Beautiful snake pit, deadhamster! I want to make an arboreal tank for a couple of amazons in the future as well. Most likely when I move out of here which will be in a little over a year and a few months.. I wouldnt put my corn snake into a viv though since as it grows, itll probably destroy most the plants, he does well with his fake ivy and tree branches that I got from outside along with his terracotta pot, half log, and delicup humid hide. I think I'm going to kill myself with herps in the future..

lol @ iliketerrariums.. how'd they get in there? just get a net or something and chase them into it and that should work, usually when I have anoles in my house down here I just lure them into a corner and jump on them in a way not to hurt em but to trap them in my hands, it works, geckos are about the same way too.. I wonder what would happen if I stuck a large gecko in my white's tree frogs enclosure.. I wonder if my white's would eat the thing, they get huge down here!

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I wish it were that easy! They have nooks and crannys that they just seem to "fly" into when I open the tank! LOL! I dont want to upset the plants tryin to get the little critters so I think Im just going to leave the top off someday and let them jump out onto the walls as they seemed to love doing when I was adding the plants! I guess they learned that its easier to hide in the little "caves" than to jump on the walls, but Im going to try it anyways =)

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

At the present time keeping only fish in the Paludarium.
Kept birds,fish and forest crabs in my old large one.
Know what you mean about the lizards and frogs .During the cold spell I brought a bunch of plants into the house
and i'm still catching anoles frogs and geckoes lol.

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I keep a Epidendrobates (might be misspelled) trivattus 'Red' (black dart frog with two orange stripes down its sides) in my 20 gallon long tank. I keep a squirrel tree frog (rescued from my screenroom) in a ten gallon tank with a fake decorated hideaway log, variegated hoya plant, and a water dish. I keep a regular green treefrog (rescued from the screenroom) in another ten gallon tank with a baby rubber plant, hideaway hut, and a ceramic water dish with a steps on the sides plus a water dish. Some neighbor let their cats roam the neighborhood and kill all the poor frogs and other creatures (they have since moved to another area without their cats - the cats are still here loose in the street). I put them in the screenroom to protect them from the cats. Unfortunately, the weather has killed all the bugs they would eat in the wild and they need to be fed crickets from the store to live. They seem happy in their tanks, though. I also have a male betta, female betta (both are each their own 1 gallon tank), and 2 zebra danio fish who live in their own 1 gallon tank together.

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The only animal I have in a naturalistic setup is my Candoia carinata carinata. This is a male that is not quite fully mature. For size perspective the Pleurothallid orchid below the snake has leaves that are less than an inch long.

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interresting... and he does well with the plants in the viv or are most fake/non existant?

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This is a small arboreal boa, they like high humidity levels with lots of branches to climb and plants help add a little extra security. Their habitats include woodlands to rainforests in New Guinea and the Pacific Islands where they eat small lizards.

I initially kept this snake in a standard/plain set up when I first acquired it to make sure it was healthy. Its behavior is much more natural in the vivarium and it has become much more bold compared to when it behavior in the other tank.

The plants in the vivarium are all live and include a mini Spathiphyllum planted in the substrate, Tillandsias mounted on the walls and branches, Bulbophyllum and Pleurothallid orchids, and ferns. In the photo the snake in lying on the very top of a portion of the back wall so the majority of the plants are not visible.

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