List of Garden and Bloome compost ingredients

snibb(Salt Lake City)May 30, 2008

To all, there was a comment many days ago asking for the ingredients in what we have come to believe is the best commercial compost available. It is sold by Kellogg, and it is called "Garden & Bloome Soil Amending Compost." I guess it is hard to find in some areas of the country and a suggestion was made to list the ingredients in this compost to compare with compost that might be available in your home are the ingredients:

1. Forest humus

2. Chicken manure

3. Worm castings

4. Bat guano

5. Gypsum

6. Kelp meal

7. Oyster shell

8. Lime & dolomite limes(pH adjusters)

9. Mycorrhizae

Hope this is helpful...

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bdobs(8b or 9 SF Bay Area)

Thats the stuff I basically filled my Sq ft garden with this year.
Probably 70% Garden and Bloom, another 10% of various other composts, and only about 10% each of Peet and Vermeculite.
My guys are doing about 10x better than last years when I followed Mel's book for his mix to the tee.

So, I love the stuff.

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BDobs, I remember you mentioning this earlier. Are you using the Garden & Bloom COMPOST, or their "planting mix"? I called Navlet's like you recommended and they don't currently sell the Garden & Bloom Soil Amendmnet Compost.

Snibb... thanks for posting it because now I can compare what' I have available.


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bdobs(8b or 9 SF Bay Area)

I'm using whats mentioned above, the soil amending compost.
Really, they said they dont have any?? I bought another bag of the stuff two weeks ago. I bet ya got somebody too lazy to look or something. They always seem to have it.
Heck, at the Martinez store, they were growing a Tomato directly in a bag of it
They had it at both the Martinez and P Hill stores.

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Thanks BDobs. I guess I'll check out the Martinez store in person. That's the one I called, and he seemed completely unfamiliar with it and I even had a long long conversation with him about Square Foot Gardening... and he insisted that product wasn't available at his store. And I went to the PH store and they didn't have it.

Any chance you'd be willing to post a photo of the bag you bought? Maybe it looks different than the one shown on the G&B website and I'm just missing it.


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Hey Bdobs, OK... so I called the store again and spoke with another person, and mentioned the tomato in a bag. He said that's actually the "Harvest Supreme Soil Amendment" which is basically compost with some added fir bark and the microrizzhae. The added benefit being you can plant directly into it. So at least now I understand the confusion. HE said they definitely do NOT sell the "Soil Building Compost" that Snibb named.

Snibb...does the bag need to be labeled "compost" if it is alternately labeled "soil amendment"? The "Harvest Supreme" from Gardener's & Bloom is labeled an amendment and contains: composted fir bark, forest humus, rice hulls, 15% chicken manure, worm castings, bat guano, sea kelp, oyster shell and dolomitic lime, plus microrizzae. But it's labeled a soil amendment but not specifically called "compost."

Likewise, the product I bought was "Black Forest Soil Amending Compost" but after a long conversation yesterday with the soil buyer, he said it's really more of an amendment than a compost. He said it has SOME nitrogen including compost, but the product that would be MORE nutritious and more compost is called "Bumper Crop" and it actually is labeled a "Soil Amendment."

Wierd thing is, they all contain roughly the same ingredients... chicken manure, bat guano, kelp meal, composted wood or forest products, sometimes mushroom compost. The thing I guess we don't know is how much of each.

So I guess not all composts are labeled compost. Some are labeled "amendment." And some amendments are labeled compost. Confusing, huh?

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bdobs(8b or 9 SF Bay Area)

Opps, thats what I got. SOrry for the confusion.
I rememberd Garden and Bloom,soil amendment and compost. Thought it was the same stuff
Well, its good stuff anyway :)

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I'm trying to grow some herbs and wanted to know if this is a organic mix, as I want to avoid any types of chemicals in my soil.

Here is a link that might be useful: buybonsai

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GW this BS is getting old fast don'ca think??????????


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