my new set up temp and humidity

iliketerrariumsFebruary 8, 2006

Well, During the day the Temp is at 88F at the very top, somedays a little lower (86F) but never higher than 88F, it is between 80F and 82F at the middle where Nishiki always hangs out, and between 74F and 75F at the bottom, at night the whole tank settles in at a temp between 72F and 74F, the humidity is what worries me a bit, during the day its between 80% and 90%, at night it is 100%, maybe higher (if possible) as my hygrometer does not measure beyond 100% humidity!? will this bother Nishiki any? If so I can drill more "vents" in the canopy, that should release some of the humidity, it only has two 2" vents, one on the rear left and one on the rear right, they are right under the dry air flow that cools the canopy lights, so if the humidity is to high drilling two more vents in this area should solve the problem, I read on the Kermit and Peabody site that they (whites) "like things a little on the drier side" but, as mentioned, he does have dry areas accessible to him but seems to like his perch, Please give me your thoughts on this =)

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All you parameters look great except for the humidity. I keep my whites in an aquarium with a screened top so the humidity is between 60 - 70 % i'd say. Maybe it goes up to 80% at night...haven't checked that...alls I know is that mine has been going on strong for years.

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Just wanted to post the CORRECT readings as the first are completely wrong, I used a new hygrometer and a digital themometer this time around, so here it goes, top 79.3 F humidity 76, middle 78.1 F humidity 80, bottom 77.0 F humidity 83, I will check the readings tonight and post the info tommorrow =)

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