non screened compost

NatMat283(5b)May 4, 2014

OK so I added my mix. I used mushroom compost but it is non sifted. Everything is pretty much to instruction but to me the compost is a bit chunky. I mean it is a dark brown mixture of what seems to be shredded wood and composted leaf. However there are a lot of twigs an leaf stems. I am going to use it anyhow but I hope I didn't waste my time. The leaf is barely recognizable which I suppose is good. I see the stems but the leaf is broken down to a nice flaky fluffy mix. It's just that all the twigs worry me. Here is a picture that doesn't really help but I didn't want to let my picture go to waste. Thanks.

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I wouldn't worry about it too much. Just remove any larger pieces that get in the way when you get ready to sow seeds.

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