Seed Traders Not-So-Anonymous Meeting

dan_the_mailmanMarch 8, 2009

I am now opening this months meeting of Not-So-Anonymous Seed Traders. This is a welcoming place where we can all share and freely admit to our various gardening addictions. Feel free to confess to any and all parts of your addiction, and do not fear retribution or punishment. Here, all gardening "sins" may be aired, understood, and accepted. I'll begin.

Hello. My name is Dan, and I am addicted to gardening. I trade seeds at the drop of a hat, carry baggies everywhere I go in case I see some seeds that are feeling lonely, and am all too willing to grow plants in my yard. I admit to killing my lawn in order to make my perennial garden bigger, and to plant a larger vegetable garden. I hang out in seedy places, play with gnomes, covet seeds and plants, kill weeds (unless they have a nice flower), kidnap plants from the roadside, and enable others to follow in my ways.

I do not want help, treatment, or a 12-step program to change my habits. Instead, I would like 12 stepping stones placed strategically in my garden. Gargoyles, gnomes, butterflies, and dragonflies are welcome in my garden, as well as ladybugs, worms, and the occasional sea monster.

If you happen to be out of baggies, I have a supply of my own which I am willing to share. I have been known to skip buying groceries in favor of rose plants.

I've never beaten up a little old lady because she took the last package of seeds off the rack. Yet.

However, I have been known to "encourage" mint to grow in lawn of the lady who lives across the street. She loves her English garden, but doesn't know that at night I sneak over to her yard and scatter seeds from invasive perennials.

I am unable to turn down offers of seeds and plants, even though my yard space is limited and now am forced to plan an aerial garden.

I am a gardening addict.

Anyone else care to share?

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA) name is LInda and I'm a seed addict and a gardening addict. I have been known to get glazed eyes and drool looking at a seed catalog. I've knocked over my husband trying to get to the mailbox to see if a "seed bubble" came. I've been known to troll EBAY. I'm slowly digging up my lawn to plant more flower beds. I've been enabling my neighbor by saying "You know what would look good there? Wait, I have just the seeds for that!" My family refuses to go anywhere in public with me where there are plants or flowers "wait, just one little seed pop and I'll join you". My craft/seed room is more seed that craft. I can spend hours looking at catalogs dreaming of the "perfect garden". I will try to grow about anything at least once. Shopping the garden tool section at Home Depot and Lowe's is as great a thrill as a new pair a shoes. While driving, I notice people's gardens not their houses...I don't have a problem...."G"

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Hello Dan. Thank you for hosting this meeting. My name is Elizabeth, and I am also addicted to gardening.
Plants are my passion. I love watching the miracle of a tiny seed transform into something edible or a beautiful flower to gaze upon.
I too, enjoy killing my lawn in order to increase the size of my vegetable garden and flower beds. I never have enough room in my tiny yard for all the plants I grow, and seeds I collect... "ooh, I don't have that seed, I must have it!!!" It's okay, I'll grow it and share it with someone else. "Here, I grew a plant for your garden!"
I have been known to "borrow" milk jugs from the recycling center to feed my winter sowing habit. I don't mind if people think I'm crazy, those milk jugs are a hot commodity around here! Visitors come over, look at my deck and think I'm storing up jugs of water for WWIII... but I'm not embarrassed. I tell them that they won't think it's so weird when I'm stocking their fridge with fresh veggies in the summer!
My name is Elizabeth, I am a gardening addict and I will never stop collecting and growing!

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

Hello, my name is Kathy and I am a seed and gardening addict. Like Dan, I neither want nor need a 12 set program, intervention or anything else of that nature. I need more ground and more seeds and plants. Donations are always welcomed as are trades, swaps and Round Robins.

Currently I am experiencing some rather painful back issues, and my DH, being the amazing man he is, is giving me what he calls a very unromantic Valentine's gift of raised veggie garden beds. They will be bordered in cinder blocks, in the holes of which I can plant a variety of companion plants, as well as add toppers to to be able to sit and garden even with my back issues.

I currently have a large area that has been taken over by wintersown containers and several areas in the house that have been overrun by seed starting trays. I have gardening items in every room of the house as well as many house plants, packages of seeds, bubble envelopes, seed collection envelopes, labels, and all the other paraphernalia one needs for this addiction.

I have several different themed garden beds, including my infamous Naughty Garden complete with it's metal twin bed headboard border. Though I like the more exotic fixes, I am just as happy with the common "street stuff" that is found everywhere.

My children have been known to dig up a plant or snatch seeds for me when they are away from home. To the extent that we had to repeatedly caution my 12 yr old that a trip to the Myriad Gardens was not a seed snatching opportunity.

I am attempting to get rid of my atrocious Bermuda grass and replace it with German Chamomile and Orange scented Thyme and Cinnamon Basil. I figure they look prettier and smell a lot better.

Every trip to the store it is mandatory to go to the gardening sections. My kids laugh and say there is more dirt inside the house than outside, because I am constantly re-potting something or starting more seeds for something year round. This last winter we had fresh salad greens year round grown under lights. And did I mention that the back door foyer is completely taken over by my growing shelves, lights and supplies?

Lasagna supplies are all around the place, though kept neatly so the neighbors don't complain, No, I don't mean meat, noodles, cheese and tomato sauce! I mean leaves, coffee grounds, tea bags, mulch... but I do bake a mean lasagna too!

Ya know, I could keep going all day, but I'm sure others would like to introduce themselves....

Kathy :0)

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grovespirit(Zone 9)

Aloha all. I am Grovespirit, a seed saving and heirloom-plant fanatic. My true passion is rescuing rare and unusual plant varieties from extinction. I love preserving as many non-GMO and heirloom seeds and plants as I can.

Especially if the seed or plant seems unique, interesting, or rare. I will see such things and then hear the voice of that seed/plant begging for my aid. It says "Help, Grovespirit, only you can save me!" Obviously that rare seed or plant really NEEDS me to preserve it, LOL. :)

I have only a 10' by 10' patio and a few feet of window sills as my growing spaces, and yet I have got a couple thousand different varieties of non-GMO (heirloom, open pollinated, wild-type, native, etc.) seeds in my condominium as we speak! Some of them are rare.

I also do have a few types of hybrid seeds too (mainly ones I got in swaps). I usually re-trade these, or give them away to charities, instead of growing them out.

At times I do consider that I might need to change my ways and 'recover' from the seed obsession because my seeds and plants do threaten to crowd out my tiny condo and are a constant source of clutter. My seeds are everywhere in my home (except the garage- it gets too hot for seeds in summer). I also keep them out of the bathroom- the humidity there is bad for seeds, LOL)!

Still, clutter and all, I just can't motivate myself to change. I'd really rather just find myself some more growing space.

I love, love, LOVE to do grow-outs on uncommon and rare heirlooms, and then distribute my saved seeds around the globe, to keep precious botanical antiques from vanishing!
I maintain a highly varied personal seed bank and engage in numerous trades so that I may assist seedbanks, seed saver associations, and low-income gardeners by supplying seeds.

Much to my hubby's dismay I even have about 2.5 cubic feet of my refrigerator (an entire produce bin, plus some of the freezer area) devoted to seed-saving containers (Tupperware boxes, and vaccuum-sealed bags, stuffed full of saved seeds).

I even stooped to buying a special kitchen appliance for my seeds! *BLUSH*... The vaccuum-sealer called FoodSaver (TM) is used mainly for my seeds. When I first bought it, I thought it would be used to preserve food, but nope! Instead, 80% of the time I use it these days, I'm using it to preserve my seeds!

I keep my seedbank varied by seed trading, and I trade as often as I can manage. I especially enjoy bulk seed swaps such as seed related RR's. :) Recently, I startled a RR swap hostess by sending in 214 packets of my "Extra" seeds. It was the "Extra Extra Seeds all About It" swap.

This got me wondering how did I get so many extra seeds??

Well, I love to engage in personal trades! When I get seeds in a person to person trade, the packet sent to me usually has 20 or more seeds in it. And, with my teensy growing space I seldom need more than 5 to 10 seeds of a given plant. So by only using the seeds I actually needed, I discovered I accumulated 35 seed packets worth of 'extras' that I could contribute to the swap.

Also, this swap allowed us to send in 5 packets of one type. So I sent in duplicates of all the garden edibles (herbs, veg., edible flowers) that I grew out in 2008 and saved oodles of seeds from. That right there got me another 65 easily- Just 13 varieties of edible seeds, 5 packets of each.

And that (35 plus 65) accounts for the first 100 packets of 'extra' seeds. :)

Now then, I also accumulated excess ornamental seeds over the past year. Some were bonus packets from generous seed traders. Some were seeds I got by scavenging (more bluntly termed 'seed snatching' LOL.) All of these surplus seeds turned out to be roughly another 104 seed packets. There's 52 weeks per year, so if I get one bonus pack per week and also scavenge a pack per week it *would* yield 104 'extra' seed packs per year that I won't have the room or time to grow out... And now that puts my total at 204 seed packets...:)

I don't grow many regular sized ornamentals due to small space, so I keep them till I get a chance to swap them out and request edibles or dwarf varieties. I figure, at least SOME of these normal-sized lovelies will be of interest to others in the "Extra, Extra" swap!! :)

And then finally, there were 10 or so seed packets that contained the leftovers from a few special, or rare commercial varieties that I bought on impulse, hoping to enhance my garden's sophistication level. I admit it, sometimes I DO buy seeds on impulse... don't we all at times??

And thus, the somewhat embarrassing grand total of 214 extra seed packets. *blush*

Bit by bit, a seed hobby (obsession?) can really add up.

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***passing out wine coolers to everyone. wouldn't want to mistake this for an AA meeting now, would we?***

who else would like to share?

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Hi, I am quiltingfox and am a seedaholic and a gardening addict. And yes, sadly I neglect other hobbies I have due to my gardening addiction. And I have happily been enabled on many occasions and have more than once returned the favor. And when visiting doctor's offices I always take a seed/plant catalog with me to pass the time. And my family, bless them, have realized I have an addiction and have gotten me gardening supplies/plants for the past few years, ever mindful that I do need a little extra help at times. And when not indulging my first love of playing in the dirt which has been a lifelong commitment for me, I love to indulge in my second love of soaking in hot Calgon bubble baths while reading seed/plant catalogs. It is in the 80's today and I am having a bit of spring fever, I need to sow just a few more seeds.

Best to you,

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markcase1964(7 Piedmont NC)

Hi. My name is Mark.

(Hi Mark)

I am a gardening addict. I cannot pass up a clearance sale on plants or gardening supplies. Even if I have 5 packs of seeds that have not been planted yet, I want to get more to trade or plant.

I have been growing things ever since I was a boy on the Chicago South Side. I sold packs of seeds to neighbors to make money and planted what I did not sell. I took areas of the abandoned prairie behind my house and tilled the ground and grew a garden.

It has been three months since I grew any veggies. I need a good fix and can't wait for my winter sown to start growing.


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amelia_pepper_lady(8B/9 LA)

My name is Amelia. I am an addict.

My son has been begging me to "get help." (This probably isn't the help he wants!!!!)

I have a refrigerator for seeds. I have closets for bulbs and tubers. My patio looks like a cup factory. The spare room is serving as a greenhouse; I set up a tent for plants this year.

I check my seeds daily after planting -- even taking off my glasses to get close enough to see if anything is coming up. I can remove the trap under the kitchen sink and clean it faster than a plumber. (Potting soil does have a tendency to clog drains.)

I have a cabinet of small plastic zip-lock bags and bubble envelopes. I go through mailing labels faster that most mail-order companies.

Please, I need a wine cooler..........and some more seeds!!!

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Hello, I'm Kim, and you all have my sympathies. I used to be a seed addict, but now I have everything under control. I have my meager stash catalogued in my "Seeds I Have" file, by type and date. The file (a Word document), is only 51 pages, single-spaced. The average number of lines per page is 42. There is still some room in my two Rubbermaid-type storage bins should I purchase or trade for any more.

As it is clear from looking at the many catalogues I receive that I have not even come close to acquiring all the seeds in the world yet, I'm certain that I do not have a problem.

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My name is Alana and unlike you folks, I do not have a problem. So what if I buy a few seeds on weekends, I am not hurting anyone else. If my housework is neglected in favor of yard work, that's my business. So what if I troll for seeds in municipal plantings? They would go to waste if not for me.
And maybe once or twice I bought plants instead of paying off something else. It all works out, right?
If I have missed a lunch date because I was pruning the roses, no big deal.
I thought I heard some friends of mine talking about an "intervention". They better back off-I don't have a problem. Right? I don't, right?

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Hello,my name is cAROL
Oh yes, thank you Dan,i would love a wine cooler.
Let me start out by saying,you all sound perfectly normal to me,i see no one here who has any sort of a problem,it's the rest of the world,they just don't understand.This is a conversation i have over and over with my friends,ya,right,friends,they just don't ubderstand!
So what if i spend 6-8 hours on the computer looking up new seeds,what's wrong with that.My toe hurts!

Yes,i do have bages of soil in my kitchen,whats a kitchen for any way,it's cold out side,you don't really expact me to go out side to do all of my sowing,now,do you,really?
Kitchen table?O f course i have a kitchen table,where you say?Right there,it holds up all my seed packs and containers,and markers,and tape,and notes,how silly of you,every one has a kitchen table,whats a kitchen table for any way.I do need to use it this way,my eyebrows hurt.

what is all that garbage on my counter tops?Whhhhhhhat!
My friends ( ? ) just don't understand.garbage,hump,just look at all them used milk containers,and them beautiful soda bottles,why,i know some people who would steal them right from under your nose,if they thought they could,garbage indeed!Collect it,yes,i do,does it HAVE to be in the kitchen,yes,i need it close,my hair hurts.

I Do Not make excuses,No.there is nothing wrong with me.
Need a hobbie,Need a hubby,well, i have both thank you very much,my hubby,why,thats him, over there,covered in my frost blanket,spring is coming you know,the nights still get cold,gotta have that frost blanket handy.I have a hang nail.

I am so happy to meet all of you,you sound like a fine bunch of people,by the way,Wal Mart has seeds for sale for 20 cents,ya better hurry,hey,maybe we could stop along the way and make a trade?
Thank you Dan for the wine cooler,oh,i'm sorry,i tripped over your seeds box.

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SmokyMist(7 East TN) name is Cheryl and I am a seed and plant addict.
I admit it...when taking my recylables to the recycle center last week..I did put some 2 liter coke bottles into the bin, and then I took some out....Like I told my children, they can be recycled again after I'm finished growing seeds in them.
I admit to holding up the gang if hiking and an interesting seed tempts me..I admit to stopping up the ashtray in my van with big fat wisteria seed pods from the local gardening center..
I admit to hording over 50 types of morning glory seeds, because I am, after all, going to plant them ALL this summer !! I admit to asking everyone I know to save me their coffee and yogurt cups...
I freely admit to sharing my addiction with my mother who called me last week to let me know she got the fruit bar at Shoney's just so she could get Kiwi and save the seeds on a napkin to carry home in her purse..
I admit to snitching just a few seeds from flowers at the zoo...afterall I left SO MANY on the plant, a few would certainly not be missed.
I admit to having not one but two rubbermaid tubs full of seeds I've saved me pulling into the parking lot of Lowes now makes my kids automatically roll their eyes..
But...again I have shared the addiction..they now have their own seed I'm an enabler as well !
*sigh*..I admit it..I'm addicted.

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Hello My name is diene and I am a gardening addict. I bought over one hundred spring bulbs three weeks ago at a big sale and because they were left over from the fall, I needed to put them in soil immediately. So I now have over thirty plants on my bay windows in the living room and dining room. that shows I have a bit of a problem but wait...
I spent more money today and purchased dahlia tubers and gladioula bulbs(they are not hardy here) as well as some other new types of bulbs that I do not have. I believe the count was well over two hundred but I do plan on sharing some of them.
I also purchased a kit to build a water garden which will be one of my first projects this year (after I get the bulbs and tubers in the ground). Did I mention we still have over a foot of snow on the ground?
Not asking for help except to plant the bulbs and build the water garden. I am fine with the rest of it.

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fleethart(z6 WNY)

Hello, My name is Tauna. DH thinks I have a sickness, but he just doesn't spend enough time in the garden. My kids know that their pockets should be empty in case mine are full of seeds I have found. After all, I have 14 acres, and I know no one is going to plant all those seeds unless I save them. Roadside volunteers, decorative urns, planters, flower pots on the street, in front of stores, at the boathouse, the zoo, the park, and anywhere seeds are in jepordy of being denied soil. Some people suffer from a laissez faire attitude about a seed's right to life. Quite frankly, they have a problem which could be addressed with proper treatment.
My husband knows that he can turn me on by turning the key...the key on his tractor! Few things get me excited like my DH rototilling my garden! Why he gets upset when I collect milk jugs, or spend time with my seeds, or don't clean house but the gardens are blooming, I don't know. Where would you rather be anyway? The garden or the house? See, that's what I thought. Everyone knows the house is where you go when you can't be outside anymore cause its too dark, too cold or too wet. If I liked cleaning house, I think I would be sick :p
Besides, as long as there is a trail, do you really need to see the floor? I mean, its the basement for crying out loud. Just don't knock over my potting soil or jugs and for Pete's sake don't move my seeds! Everything is carefully arranged, seriously. Yeah, so what if I have a gardening shed. Its full. That's why I keep my tools in the barn, the shed is full of pots, seeds, and other necessities. Also, I am sure that other people collect discarded windows to use for cold frames. 3 seasons are not enough. Gardening is a full time occupation, all year long. That's why I troll the seed racks off season looking for clearance items. What if there is something that I missed? Something new? Something I can't live without? Sick? As long as the house still needs to be cleaned, no way! See you later, I'm going out! To the garden!
Wait, Walmart has seeds for 20 cents? Hmm, maybe I need to go to town today.... After all, I just planted all those seeds yesterday under my (free) cold frames. Maybe I should replenish my stash.

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tansy_mi_zn5(zone 5)

Hi name is Traci & I am addicted to gardening. I like houseplants, annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs & aquatic plants...unless it's a weed, I'm interested & I Have been known to grow weeds. I even have hubby saving seeds while he is at work. (what a sweetie) Nothing says I love you like seeds he finds at work.

I work in a greenhouse...& that can't even cure me. My husband thinks I'm crazy because every store we go to we have to check out the garden center..."don't you ever get sick of looking at plants"? he says. Sadly...there is no cure.

Hubby is now looking for a rototiller to make his life easier...(I hope he finds one). I am slowly turning him into a true gardener. He takes care of my plants for me during the busy season of the Greenhouses. Yes...I do get tired of watering plants!! That's why we have a lotus pond, bog, & pond full of lillies! LOL

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carolynp(z7) name is Carolyn. I'm a late comer to the addiction, but I'm making up for lost time. I am madly in love with the idea of growing and I have actually asked neighbors to let me grow a couple of square foot boxes on their property. My low point so far was when I asked neighbors if I could compost their leaves in the fall...

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SmokyMist(7 East TN)

I have to add...Carolyn, wait until you pilfer bags of leaves that people leave on their curb for pickup lol.

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And to that I add ....take cuttings from the neighbors brush pile for brush

Hi my name is Regina and I have an addiction to gardening. I collect seeds/plants from where ever I can find them. I can sniff out a seed/plant begging for a home at any distance. I find seeds out walking the dog and slip them in my pockets.Sometimes those seeds are found later in the washing machine or dryer, dangit!!! I've been know to enable a neighbor or two with seed bombs. My car stops automatically at all plant sales and clearences at the nurseries. I have seeds all over the house.I took over the screened in porch with my plants and hoya obsession. My neighbors come to my yard for their plants. My greenhouse is a home to cuban anolies and green camelions(lizards)along with the plants.
I'm perfectally happy with my addiction, don't want a cure. Need that rush I get when I see those little seeds wake up and wave green leaves at me.

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greenthumbgrow(7 - MD)

Hello fellow friends, swappers, and addicts.

My name is Tammy and I Do love seeds, plants, clippings, dirt, milkjugs, soda bottles, more seeds, catelogs(seed and plant ones of course) and pretty much anything that will grow and bloom!

I do NOT admit to being an addict of anything but my husband may disagree with you on that. There had been times I was playing with dirt instead of making dinner and a few times I have been found in the greenhouse when I was suppose to be leaving for work. BUT you must understand it was not my doings. I was being forced to do these things. I will never admit to having enough seeds or plants even though my family keeps asking what i plan on doing with all those seedlins in the window and tables and crevises and greenhouse and lined up on the porch in milk jugs...

Dan and Mark keep enabling me to do these things and Linda made me follow though ***my arm is still hurting from the twisting***LOL

Well I better stop before I get myself into trouble because I am most definately NOT a seed addict. (Linda is and she made me do it)


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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

okay, fellow many of you eye up any and all bubble envelopes, boxes or anything that you think is capable of mailing plants, seeds, bulbs etc....even when they aren't yours?..or even if you're not in your own house???....."stuffing another small box under my desk"

and Tammy..I only twisted a little...."G"

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I'm still a newbie, lol. OMG lady: "My car stops automatically at all plant sales and clearences at the nurseries." ROFL, it wasn't my fault honey, it's the CAR!! My hubby would take my car away and give me a tricycle.

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all I'm gonna say about that Carol, is that seed trays can be balanced on tricycle handlebars very nicely! hehehe

I'm glad so many people are speaking up! This is putting a grin on my face whenever I read all the entries!

Linda, are the brownies done? If so, would you mind passing them out to everyone?

Who needs another wine cooler?

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Hello, My name is Melissa....and I have been found guilty of "Seed Negligence".
It really isn't my fault. Honest!

Alright....Okay.....I *might* have forgotten to put my box of seeds back in the house when I was doing some spring cleaning.

And.....*sigh* it rained that night.
How was I supposed to know the weather man would choose THAT PARTICULAR night to be correct?

And did I TELL the girls to scatter them across the sidewalks, drop them in the cats food bowls and feed them to the goldfish?
Did I???

But..... I will take full responsibility for this. And I will pay the consequences.
I guess I should be banned from future seed swaps.


Can I at least have a brownie, Dan?
You aren't too disappointed in me, are you??

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gardenmom2(IN Zone 6)

Ok. OK. Pass one this way. I admit it. I admit that I love dirt. Any dirt. I love to put my fingers in dirt that is rich in organic life. I find joy in worms b/c that means there is life nd nutrition in that dirt. I have on order my first order of worms so that I can play with worms all year. I even love myhard clay soil. Why you may ask???? B/c the joy I get when I add worm castings, manure, compost and peat moss is like no other. When you get it all stirred up and just right it is the fluffiest, richest, bestest thing around. Then come the seeds. I began growing my own seedlings for my vege garden two years ago. Before that I always bought from wallyworld and lowes or home dpot. ThenI tried growing squash and zucchini seeds in cups and it took off from there. I am now growing all of my own seedlings for veges and most of m own for annuals and perennials. I am now learning how to take cuttings and root them and how to save m own seeds. My house is a mess, unless you look at the back room with the dirt and pots and stuff everywhere, then the house is not so bad. I am slowly learnng how to organize everyhing in a way that works for me. I can find everything when I need it. It is tooooooooo bad that my husband does not find my organizational theory's in agreement with his clean house theories. I have my seeds in the rubbermid container in the front room. I can then be on the computer and sort seeds, watch tv and sort or pack, etc. Oh well, maybe he will finish my greenhouse then I won't be in here as much. I do not need help. I just need more dirt. and a greenhouse.


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sassybutterfly_2008(7 NorthWest GA)

Smoky that cracked me up... I've been eyeing a neighbor down the road's nice neatly packed up leaves.. just begging me to run down the road cackling happily as leaves fly out the top.. *sighh.. as if I don't have enough leaves in my own backyard.. but her bags just look so NICE and NEAT all sitting in those bags like that.....

and it's a wonder I haven't had an accident yet.. I swear I am scanning left and right the whole time I'm driving to see if there's something I can get a cutting of, seeds begging to be brought home.. I KNOW u all know what I mean!... lol :P


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plant-one-on-me(MI 5b)

Hi I am Kim...I am not only an addict but an enabler. I have started the next generations off well on their way to becoming addicts also. My granddaughter who is just 4 gets the gardening jones almost as much as I do. We cannot pass Lowe's without her begging to stop to see if anything new has come in yet. Just today I introduced her to a local family owned greenhouse. She went on an on about how she loves to plant things to eat and they allowed her to plant up a flat of seedlings all by herself.

We have now passed the beginning of this obession on to her parents...I was afraid I missed a generation! Her mom asked me to sit down a design a garden area to submit to their mobile home association for approval...yes they love the plan!

My daughter always swore she would never be "like my mother". Through a little subversion I had her asking me to help her plan out a garden this year also. Her husband raved about the fresh tomatoes, peppers and beans I provided them in the beginning of the growing season...once I had him hooked, I started to take away his veggie drugs until I had him begging to come pick some himself. They are going to grow 2 of their own square foot beds this year!

I have just one child left who hasn't gotten into the vegetables YET...oh but all the pretty flowers....yeah she has been talking about how far it was to drive to get some of those fresh veggies also. I think another garden plan is soon in the works.

Well my own obsession....I don't think I can talk about that now as just thinking about it has me running to the basement to pick a fresh salad. I couldn't wait for spring and am growing lettuce under lights in the basement. As technoligically challenged as I am, I even started a blog in the hopes that some unsuspecting fool stumbles upon it and wants to take up some of the gardening teachings I have to offer.

Oh yeah I have an obsession and I don't want to change. I think a 12 step enabler option is in order.


Here is a link that might be useful: 12 step enabler blog, better watch out!

    Bookmark   March 10, 2009 at 10:18PM
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SmokyMist(7 East TN)

Brownie please Dan...And what, might I ask did you bake them in ? Can it be....ummmmm turned into a mini greenhouse ? Like the aluminum pans they sell at the Dollar Store, that are for roasting turkeys...errrrr...punching holes in and sowing seeds in ?

    Bookmark   March 10, 2009 at 10:33PM
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Kim: your garden helper is adorable!! Pass the brownies, no cooler for me, does anyone want a diet pop? I brought some soda...

    Bookmark   March 10, 2009 at 10:45PM
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Carol, thanks for bringing the soda!

Smoky, with these brownies, it's not really so much what they were baked in, but what was baked into them, know what I mean? I'm not sure what you'd call that "special" ingredient, but it IS a plant, which of course makes it okay! Right?

And Melissa, did that really happen? ROTFLMBWHAO!!!

    Bookmark   March 11, 2009 at 6:57AM
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Of course that makes it OK, Dan! After all, it's all natural, right? Anything that grows in nature HAS to be good for you! Like sugar & chocolate! LOL

And yes....Dan....I'm afraid that really DID happen. I couldn't make that stuff up, I"m not that creative! lol
But on the upside, I've got some nifty little seedlings growing in some strange places!
If they survive for a few weeks, I'll have to transplant them.
I swear, my daughter could grow ANYTHING, ANYWHERE.

I think that "green thumb for seeds" gene totally bypassed me and went straight to her.


    Bookmark   March 11, 2009 at 10:34AM
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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

"refreshing everyone's drinks and passing around brownies"..that's pretty funny Melissa!

Kim, I LOVE your blog! I think I might have to take some notes...

Dan, I don't see any sprouts in my containers yet either...but I do have some tulips and daffs coming up in my beds!

    Bookmark   March 11, 2009 at 10:57AM
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greenthumbgrow(7 - MD)

Melissa - That is hilarious! My daughter trys the same tricks I have to be careful where I leave things or I will find stuff 'planted' everywhere.

I have TONS of tulips, daffs, hycinthica coming up. And of course my crocus are in full bloom. Yeah! Spring is almost here. ***smile on my face***


    Bookmark   March 11, 2009 at 12:07PM
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SmokyMist(7 East TN)

Ever had a seed sprout from your livingroom carpet cause you spilled some and then a kid MUST have spilled a drink ? LOL

Thank you for the ahhh so natural brownies then Dan ;o)

    Bookmark   March 11, 2009 at 12:33PM
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yea....smokey I've had that happen before too. It was brought to my attention with a "Now honey don't you think you have taken this seed growing thing a bit to far now"? I was like don't blame me it's YOUR kid not mine. As I walk away grinning to myself.

Ever had seeds sprout on concrete. Happens all the time on the patio. I fill the bird feeders and always spill a few seeds. Then when I water all the plants and cuttings I have out there, run off finds those seeds and presto...sprouted seeds on concrete!

    Bookmark   March 11, 2009 at 2:05PM
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I've never had seeds sprout in my carpet, but I have had silver maple tree seeds sprouting from beneath my windshield wipers and in the gutters on my house.

    Bookmark   March 11, 2009 at 4:59PM
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Dan ...that kinda reminds me of a movie I seen where the van was made of uummmmm shall we say weeds......

It's not all that unusual to see plants sprouting from the tops of telephone poles or gutters around here. The devolopers got so land crazy here and put up homes and strip malls everywhere, that a poor ole seed will latch onto just about anything for a chance to grow.

    Bookmark   March 11, 2009 at 5:49PM
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my name is heather and I'm a seed addict. I'm a shameless seed snatcher. I'm an embarrassment to my husband and kids lol.
God grant me the serenity
to accept the seeds I cannot snatch;
courage to snatch the seeds I can;
and wisdom and money to buy or trade the rest and know the difference in species of plants and cultivars.
thank you for letting me sit here for a time hehe.

    Bookmark   March 11, 2009 at 6:42PM
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sassybutterfly_2008(7 NorthWest GA)

Diva that was great! It should be printed on a plaque or

    Bookmark   March 11, 2009 at 6:50PM
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gardenmom2(IN Zone 6)

Diva, I love it. I think I will save in a doc. and print itout and frame it.


    Bookmark   March 11, 2009 at 8:15PM
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plant-one-on-me(MI 5b)

Oooohhh, I haven't had one of those brownies in a long time...may need to try them again :) I remember a looonnnggg time ago in my hippie days growing a large crop of that special "lettuce" in an old car that broke down. Used to clean out some seeds from that lettuce and some must have fallen on the floor. The car broke down and was parked out in the back lot...months later there was lots of green stuff growing! It made the perfect greenhouse. Wow we had an awesome party that night and the next and the next....

Too bad the lettuce I have growing in the basement is not the special kind. I wouldn't want the fuzz to come down on me LOL. Kim

Here is a link that might be useful: Check out my blog!

    Bookmark   March 11, 2009 at 9:49PM
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ROTFLOL......special lettuce! That was great! The '70's sure where the days huh....well for me anyway!!! AHHH the memories.

Loved Diva's too....Will have to remember that one.

    Bookmark   March 12, 2009 at 5:16PM
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sassybutterfly_2008(7 NorthWest GA)

*crackin' up at Kim... you wild woman you! hehehe


    Bookmark   March 13, 2009 at 11:35AM
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would anyone else like to tell us about their gardening habits?

---passing out another round of brownies and drinks---

    Bookmark   March 15, 2009 at 10:33AM
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Hello (grabbing a brownie and trying not to talk with my mouthful)!

I'm not only a seed addict but a seed enabler as well. Yes, yes, I find myself adopting people that have gotten stiffed on round robins, taking newbie pepperheads under my wing on more than one gardening forum(even though I don't much about hot peppers myself,) I wake up early with ideas for new swaps in my head and have to post them immediately before I forget, and donate seeds to various swaps and community based organizations to spread the addiction.

I currently have more seeds than I can plant in 5 years and am still collecting!

Diva, love your motto!

    Bookmark   April 13, 2009 at 7:12PM
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