Is a filter necessary?

back2eight(South MS)February 28, 2006

I am hoping that I won't have to use a filter in my new tank. I will have it seeded with springtails, and the waterfall will flow down to a pond. It will house dart frogs, but I'm hoping that with the springtails and the plants I won't need a filter. I will have aquatic plants in the pond, too. I can do partial water changes by siphoning water out of the pond when needed. I am hoping that won't even be necessary if the tank will work like a micro-climate and hopefully self clean the water.

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Micro/self contained-climates dont work completely on their own for to long a time, they need a little help =) I was going to add a filter to my set up but didnt at the end, I to chose to do partial water changes every two weeks or so, But I really dont see what harm a filter would do? It would be benificial I would think, I just chose not to use it becuase it would be just another item to buy, have you seen the prices on canister filters lately! and you still have to do water changes even with the filter! I had a couple of frogs in an old set up and boy can they go! and chose to do so in the water! so needless to say the water got a bit nasty even with a filter, so yeah, water changes to me are a must!

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back2eight(South MS)

I would think that the filter would need to be cleaned, so it still doesn't make it maintenance free. I will probably just not use one, I can do water changes. Thanks! I was thinking "out loud".

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