african violets and toxic plants question

back2eight(South MS)February 22, 2006

Do these do good in terrariums? Also, I hear people talk all the time about make sure your plants are safe for your animals (for those of us who put animals in ours) Does anyone know exactly what that means? Are there any that are toxic to the animals? I know somthing like a cactus would be stupic because of it hurting the animal, I'm asking about ones that might look like a good choice but are actually poisonous to the animal.

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deadhamster(Z5 MI)

AV's will do ok, but they need a lot of light so they may be hard in a tall tank. They don't like being overwatered though, and the leaves aren't supposed to be wet so they aren't a very good choice for a tropical tank. I don't know exactly what plants are toxic to frogs. A good rule is to stick to plants they would naturally encounter.


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back2eight(South MS)

by overwatering you mean top watering, right? I thought they like a very wet soil. Those african violet pots keep the soil wet by having the pot sit over in another pot so it can constatly soak up the water.

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deadhamster(Z5 MI)

I think the soil is supposed to get a bit dry, at least on top. And I know they dont like top watering. I don't grow AV's though, so you might want to try google.


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I think toxic plants are plants that have poisons that frogs and other creatures can absorb just by sitting on them. There are slso some plants that can poison creatures like frogs because if the insects the frogs eat munch on the plants, they absorb the poison, and the frog eats the insect, injesting the poison. I haven't run into too many poisonous plants. I do have silver philodendron in the tank with my frog Rain but its okay because Rain gets fed in another container (due to a bad experience with crickets - she likes to see them in a clear container one at a time - and because I've heard crickets can hide in tanks, grow big, and attack the frogs). The cricket will never eat the silver philodendron and poison the frog but I wouldn't recommend the plant to people who feed their frogs in the tank. Diffenbachia (Dumbcane) is a good plant to stay away from (it swells up the throats of people and animals). I would suggest checking the list of plants that are dangerous to animals. If you wouldn't have it around a cat or dog, you might not want to put it in your tank. Black Jungle has list of recommended tanks for dart frogs and other creatures on their website. Also check out other terrarium supply companies. Most of them will not sell poisonous plants. Two other good companies are TropiFlora and also T & C Terrarium Supplies.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

I personally have never had any luck growing AV's in terraiums yet I can grow them sitting on top of the tank lol
I think the problem lies with too much humidity and they don't appreciate condensation on the leaves.Also I think it gets way too warm in my setup obviously on top of the tank they get circulation.
There are many other types of gesneriads that love terrariums One that I highly recommend is Episcia."Flame of the forest" Comes in endless colors flowers profusly and loves the heat. Another are miniature gloxinias not the florist types they have dormant periods.
Episcia will actually suffer cold damage at 50 and will die at 40.!! No problem in aterarium.
Can't help you much with the toxic problem.I keep mostly birds and there the problem is reversed as most birds will
destroy plants .I've seen long lists of toxic plants but find birds instinctively seem to know. but that's another argument lol

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back2eight(South MS)

Yes, Alexis, I will be buying some epiphytes from epiphytes delight, but I have picked up lots of plants lately from Wal-Mart, and I have no clue what most of them are. Some I recognized from seeing pictures of them in other people's vivariums, so I was confident that they were safe, but others I'm not so sure. They were actually labeled only as "foliage". These plants will go in dart frog tanks, and since I don't feed them crickets, I feed fruit flies, maybe that won't be an issue. I know what all the plants are in my tomato frog tanks, so they're okay. I am setting up a new tank, and the waterfall right now has me baffled. Trying to make the pump accessible if I need to replace it, yet keeping it safe for the frogs, and pretty in the tank. It would be easier if I wasn't messing with a waterfall, but I've already started now and spent a lot of money on it, so I'm determined to figure this thing out!

So you actually catch your frog and put it into another container for feeding? Wow, thats a lot of trouble. I hope it doesn't stress the frog out too much! But you're right, crickets can harm the frogs. Maybe if you just put them one at a time in front of the frog and made sure that he ate them, then you would know that its okay. But if you don't mind catching him.... I would, I like just dumping them in.

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A few months after I first got my dart frog, I got some bad advice at a local petstore. The person told me to put the frog in with the crickets. Even though they were just pinhead crickets, they climbed on my frog. It took me five to six months to convince her to eat a single cricket. Before that incident, I could put crickets in the tank with her. Now if she can not see where they are at all times, she gets scared. I usually just put my hand in front of her and she climbs on it willingly.

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