thats it! im done!

iliketerrariumsFebruary 19, 2006

THATS IT! NO MORE CRITTERS FOR ME! I woke up this morning to see my WTF (Nishiki)dying at the bottom of my set up! I have NO CLUE why!? He was fine and doing his normal thing just last night!? He was the last one I purchased (about a year ago) the only thing that I noticed was that he showed no interest in feeding the last time I placed crickets in the tank, but as you guys noticed in the last/latest pic he looked great!? He still looks just like the pic!? no physical differance? So I will give the anoles to my buddy at the local pet shop and go on with the plants as they seem to be the only thing I can keep alive!

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I'm so very sorry about this!! I can see that you truly cared for Nishiki.

I have two suggestions for the cause of death:

1) Your tank may have been too wet. Whites like a variation of humidity of 30 - 70%. Adequate ventilation is very important. They do not like wet habitats. Now, think I told you that "whites like it a little on the drier side." So, honestly I'm sorry that I wasn't more specific. It's just that you're such a reasonable and kind person, and I didn't want to come off in a "debating" fashion like me and mucky.

2) He might have fallen? Whites aren't the the best climbers and they're clumbsy.

I think you are being WAY too hard on yourself. Things like this happen. However, now that you bring up anoles, I would reccommend that you put them in a drier cage.

PLEASE don't give up the herp hobby!! It's ok, I've had animals die too. Don't let Nishiki die in vain...learn from this experience and move on with this fascinating hobby.


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Thanks for the kind words, but I think I will keep away from critters for a while, I will be taking the anoles to the pet store tommorrow as they are closed today, I did take your advise on the WTF seriously but thought he would be OK with the drier spots in the set up, maybe it was a fall, I dont know, but I will be sticking with plants for a while, Im really not that reasonable and kind (at least thats what my wife tells me LOL!) Thanks cdfrotin =)

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I think he fell. Please don't "keep away from critters for a while." Accidents happen! I know it can be very traumatizing to for something to die in your me I know!

The ONLY reason you should think about staying away from critters for a while is your own emotional stability. If it's too hard for you to just get up and buy another animal, then sobeit. Otherwise, why are you being so hard on yourself?

I would NOT give the anoles away. Petstores are not very condusive to animal health. Even if they are nice people, the influx of animals there is bound to leave the anole with some type of ailement. If you must give it away, try finding a friend who would be willing to take care of it.

Good luck.

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I am not actually giving them to "the pet shop" Ill be giving them to a woman I know that works there, she too has terrariums and has at least three set ups (that I know of)for anoles, so Im pos that she will not put them in with the store "stock" and will take very good care of them as she got me interested in keeping them some time ago =) but your concern is appreciated! I try my best to take advise from people "in the know" although I must admit that sometimes, in the past, I did stray a bit and tend to go with something that seemed to be working well, but will go with the "excepted" set up for whatever critter I should choose to try in the future =)

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deadhamster(Z5 MI)

Don't give up! These things happen sometimes, and they can be very hard to pin down. Just check out your viv, make sure everything is ideal for the whites. If there is any question just post here and people will help. Amphibs absorb everything through their skin, so if there was any kind of contamination in there they will be the first to be hurt by it. Maybe even try reptiles for a bit, they tend to be hardier.


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Sorry to hear about the loss of your WTF Tony.


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Thanks all! =) OK, I will keep the anoles, I will keep you up to date =) Thanks again! =)

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Sorry i can't be of much help but what is the normal lifespan ?? Said you had him over a year. I jost lost a goldfish in Jan. that I've had since 82. He outlived all the other inhabitants by years.Have no idea why.
If you feel you tried your best what else can you do??

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back2eight(South MS)

Sorry to hear it! Do you have any other chat groups that are more focused on animals that you can talk to and get advice? Maybe on the kingsnake forum? I talk on dendroboard about my frogs and have learned a LOT there. I still favor this one when it comes to keeping plants in the terrarium, but I tend to ask my frog questions of the experts on this forum. It certainly can be disheartening to lose one. It happens, though. Don't get too discouraged.

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garyfla, I found this some time ago on the "peabody?" site,"These frogs are known to live up to 21 years in captivity, 15 years is not uncommon. Their life span in the wild generally much shorter due to heavy predation." back2eight, I have decided to do just plants, I have a few anoles in my set up but will not be getting anything new in the way of critters for a while =)

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Well I hope you saw my last post in the gallery, that is all I can say. feel free to e-mail me

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