peas and cucumbers on the same trellis at the same time?

NoSpamKevin(9 - East Los Angeles)May 7, 2014

Can I grow peas and cucumbers together on the same trellis at the same time? And to further clarify, I don't mean growing them in succession.

The trellis is 1/2" EMT conduit and about 5' tall and 5' wide. I was thinking of planting peas on one end, and cucumbers on the other end. Will I get decent production or will one plant just overrun the other? TIA

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You don't say where you are (fixable in the YOUR PROFILE section), but around here cukes are going to outlive and undergrow peas by a factor of five. They wouldn't be together long, and functionally never at all.

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NoSpamKevin(9 - East Los Angeles)

Thanks for the response, and the tip about the zone in my profile. According to the zone finder, I'm in zone 9b, but it appears that zone 10a is less than 5 miles away in the next city. I was thinking maybe the peas would start producing before the cucumbers would take over the trellis. I ended up planting the peas and cucumbers on separate trellises this week.

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you're in 9b and you're thinking of planting peas now? I pulled my peas about 2 weeks ago. I tend to plant peas November through February; and I'm in 9b/10a

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yolos - z 7b/8a Ga.

It depends on the type of pea. In the south, we grow many southern peas that love the hot weather. I grow pink eye purple hull peas every year. Some varieties of this pea grow tall and need a trellis and some are bush.

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