simple terrarium

iliketerrariumsFebruary 13, 2008

Hi all, I havnt been here in some time! Heres a few pics of a pretty simple terrarium, its got almost all brom type plants except for the Wondering Jew and a few Earth Stars that are hidden behind other plants, the "center piece" is a plant I had in a "failed" set up, its growing VERY well in this set up! as are 99% of the other plants, I guess its due to the fact that the front and both sides of this set up are fiber glass screen =) just the rear panel is glass, so air circulates freely throughout the set up (no mold) if you spot any frogs dont get excited...they're fake rubber frogs ;)

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paul_(z5 MI)

Hi "I",

So is the tank one you made/altered or already created that way [w/ screens instead of glass]? Some of the herp 'cages' are designed that way as I recall

Plants look happy. :) With that much air circulation you could probably do a desert setup too if you could boost the lighting. [Just doing my part as an enabler ...LOL]

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Hey Paul, Ready made reptile tank =) Ive been thinking of boosting the lighting as the Wondering Jew is leggy but with the circulation going on (and the floro lights) it wouldn't be that warm, I might do a desert tank but if I do it'll be a copletely new set up =) the tank does have a drain so I can do regular waterings without fear of root rot and I do heavy mistings sometimes five times a day without problems ;)

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toadlilly(z7/8 ETX)

darn, no pictures:(

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