Oxalis for terrarium?

jmc_1987(7a VA)February 23, 2010

I have another little one gallon fish tank that im using for a terrarium, i am wondering if i can use a small species of oxalis (shamrock)...one of those kinds that stay under 6 inches tall, or would i be better off going with another plant all together?

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jmc_1987(7a VA)

OH by the way this is a picture of the tank setup, all im needing are plants, the light inside is a night light bulb, but it seems to provide "medium light" settings for the small tank (the tank USED to hold my betta fish, thus the heavy water stains at the rim)

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

Vinegar might get most of those stains off. It worked on mine.

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jmc_1987(7a VA)

thanks for that info. It worked a little bit, didnt get rid of it ALL, but i see a difference now, NOW to answer the main question of this post, would a small variety of oxalis (shamrock) be ok for this terrarium?

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Hi jmc,

Don't know why not. Rob's violets sells a miniature oxalis under his container selection that would look cool in your terrarium.

Here's that link:

Rob's violets


Hope this helps,


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jmc_1987(7a VA)

oh wow i had to leave that page quick...i could SO get in trouble on there and end up getting way too much, LOL!

but yeah that oxalis "fire fern" as he called it looks like it would be great

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