Cucumber Spacing

piotr01May 9, 2008

Mel recommends 2 per square foot from what i understand.

What do you folks recommend?

Also i started a tray of 24 cucumbers, but i think i put too many seeds in each hole. I've got 5-6 just starting to put out true leaves in each now. Should i thin? Is it possible to transplant some into other containers to spread them out?


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That's alot of cucumbers! Hope you're planning on pickling or giving away. As for the thinning, I would definitely thin them out. Cucumber roots are very particular and don't like to be moved, crowded, or otherwise disturbed. Transplanting an individual plant probably won't work, but when you are having to dig it out of a tight crop with another that you want to keep, I would avoid that. I tried to transplant 5 small seedlings this year that I was going to thin out and all five ended up dying. Pick the best of the bunching and snip all the others.

Next time, try fewer seeds. Given the right temperature, cucumber germination rates, IMHO, are among the best.


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gumby_ct(CT it says Z5)

You can plant a couple in the same hole. I think with any vining crop, available space on the trellis is more critical. Meaning you can plant the roots close together, just as long as you have room on the trellis for them to spread out. Not only for sun but for air circulation to prevent disease, etc.


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thanks for the info fellas.

So from what i understand you recommend thinning from 5-6 to 2?

also what do you guys recommend in terms of spacing in the Square Foot Garden? 1 per ? or 2 per ?

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