Unusual terrarium plant ID

dirtmonkey(z8 OR)February 25, 2007

This is sort of a cross-post, I'll just add links to the pics and description I put on the aroid forum:

Post on Aroid discussion

Pics/description, Aroid gallery

I almost posted here first because as far as I know, if anyone else but my source has it, it's used as a small, high-humidity terrarium plant. Would be great with small creatures, but crabs would almost definitely consider it salad. Posted to Aroids hoping to find a specialist.

I'm testing it out as a regular windowsill plant, and under lights in the open air now, it looks like it might be more adaptable than I thought. It's perfect in small terrariums though, so maybe someone here has seen it before...

My source has had it for a long time, so it might not be something anyone sees any more.



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Dont know what they are but Id like to have some after you get them going! Please let me know if you would sell or trade =) Thanks =)

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