!!up for grabs too!!

iliketerrariumsFebruary 19, 2006

Was wondering if any one would be interested in a 100W 120V Zoo Med ceramic heat emitter model CE-100, I only used it for one night and it works like new, I would like to trade for a tropical pitcher, Haraella retrocalla, due to the fact that it stays kinda small, if you have one or something similiar that stays small let me know, if you dont I would also be interested in any colorful Epi that stays small, please ask "Alexis" how well our trade went! =) as usual, the first person to post a reply to this post will be the first person considered for the trade =)

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

do you mean orchid?? Haraella is a genus of orchids.never heard of pithchers in the family.
Have never kept any members of that family due to the high humidity requirements.Would think it an excellant choice for a terrarium.Small,lowlight high humidity and warm .What more could you ask lol.
All the orchids I keep are gigantic gaudy types. lol
I know they won't work in terrariums ,Found out the hard way .

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yes! Thanks cdfortin! I did mean tropical pitcher! butI would also be interested in the Haraella retrocalla orchid =)

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back2eight(South MS)

hey, I don't want the light but I wouldn't mind sending you some cuttings from my nepenthes alata plant. I have two different plants, and I'm not sure but one is highland and one is lowland. One of them seems to stay sort of smaller and has smaller green pitchers, while the other one has large picthers with a lot of red on them. The cuttings would be unrooted and you would need to root them. Email me if interested. Back2eight @ tds .net (spaced apart for security reasons, its not really supposed to be spaced like that.)

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Just wanted to let you guys know that the Ceramic heating disc is still up for grabs!! =)

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I also have one that I wouldnt mind ridding myself of, 110V 100W, way too powerful for my liking especially since I live in Florida. Never thought about trading it off for some plants though, thats a great idea, won't take it though, tell me if you find someone that needs more than one please.


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