seed potatoes

midtn(7a TN)January 4, 2009

Anyone know where I can go around Nashville to get some seed potatoes? Getting them shipped costs a fortune.

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You can find seed potatos at your local farmers CO-OP.
You can buy them by the bag or by the LB.

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Have any of you tried growing "no-dig" potatoes? I found the idea and instructions at the Garden Supply website - filled a wired bin w/ good soil and see potatoes. Got great plants and was so excited! But when the plants died down and I removed the wire - no potatoes. Any idea what I did wrong to get plants but no produce?

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tly59 you cannot use grocery store bought potatos.If you did thats whats wrong,because they are sprayed to keep from
sprouting. Try seed potatos.


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If they sprouted and grew then it could have been too much nitrogen, that makes for lots of foliage and few roots. I suspect if there were NO potatoes, either you harvested too soon, the tops were attacked by fungus and died pre-maturely, or mice or chipmunks made off with your spuds.

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midtn) check the phone book for your local farmers co-op by the county you live in.I am in williamson co.

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Do you have a Tractor Supply Company nearby? I was in my local store Monday and they had several great varieties. 5 Lb.
bags of whole seed potatoes were $9.99 I think. I checked my catalogs when I got home and that seems reasonable. Gotta get back there soon.


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you can contact or go to the farmers co-op in fairview tennessee and get seed potatoes i get mine there every year you can buy them by the pound . you can take 100 hiway west from nashville about 15 miles a nice sight seeing trip. the farmers co-op will be on the right side of 100 hiway when you get to fairview. hope this helps

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