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noobtoterraiumsFebruary 25, 2006

Let me know what you guys think I used the great stuff foam and pressed the oak bark to it and filled in the gaps with black silicon and then stuck the cocco bedding to the silicone

Finally the background is on there strong its not coming off lol Heres the picture... any suggestions now on what to do?

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not too shabby.. Good idea filling in the cracks with coco fiber, never wouldve thought of that and using the oak bark panels!

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Cool, it looks kinda like an old stone wall, you could try to get moss to grow on the coco fiber, it would really look like a stone wall then, By the way, how did you manage to get the coco fiber to stick to the spaces in between the bark panels? Just coco right on foam? If so, you shouldnt have a problem with the foam cracking as its such a small space, but if the coco should fall off with time....hopefully the moss will also grow on foam!? never know, keep us up to date on your progress, it looks pretty sharp =)

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Thanks for all the help actually Iliketerrariums you were right and I and the others were wrong I tried putting the cocco fiber directly onto the foam and skipping the black silicon step IT DID not work at all heres why. At first it sticks then the foam keeps expanding and expanding while it is drying and it eventually drys and expands and just pushes the cocco right off ... the oak stuck perfect to it and the glass its on there solid after I used black silicon and then put the cocco dirt on the black silicon when the cocco was dry this time =)

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