Substrate Question

hottielover14February 2, 2006

Hi im setting up my first terrarium/viviarium..i have posted 2 other threads but i think its better to post several more specific threads..Im planning on getting a couple ferns, like a boston box fern or korean rock fern and white rabbits foot..and also a couple pitcher plants, some air plants and some other tropical plants..Im planning on getting Co Co bedding amended w/ tree fern fiber as my top layer and im also gonna use sphaginum moss on top of the co co bedding..I kno that pitcher plants can go in co co bedding but im just wondering if that substrate mixture would be good for ferns or at least most of other tropical plants?

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I think you should find out exactly what types of plants you want, find out the exact needs of each one, then supply each plant with the environment it needs, trial and error, its not easy but if you want a viv/terrarium/aquarium its the way it is, Ive set up a couple in my days, four to be exact, but I only had one survive and that one just bit the dust! I have to redo the substrate, my fault all the way but that doesnt make it any easier to redo, others on this site have had tremendous luck/skill and have set ups older than me! LOL!sometimes it turns out great, and sometimes it goes to.... HELLo there! =)

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ok thanx, lol do they usually go to "Hell...O" lol or do they usually surivive?

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