Have to trade: Tropical Tassel Fern

bihai(zone 9)February 19, 2008

I have a cool plant for trade. It can be used as a terrarium plant, especially in a larger tank.

Tropical Tassel Ferns are Huperzia (used to be Lycopodium). They are #1 Tropical #2 require fairly high humidity #3 very hard to come by #4 expensive

Here is a photo of the one I have available. Its in the clay pot behind the Metallic Fern. Its well rooted and established in a 3" plastic pot set into the clay pot. It has 2 arms that are at least 8" long each and branching.

The plant was propagated from this mother plant:

I am interested mainly in HOYAS. Specifically:

affinis var Dark Form

archboldiana YM excellent



macgillivrayi x archboldiana



I would take at least 2 node cuttings of any three

Or, you can make an offer of other hoyas, or other plants

Due to agricultural laws, I cannot send this plant to the states of HI, CA, AZ, TX, LA or the Territory of Puerto Rico

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Note: I believe the plant can be sent to California if it is sent bare-root. Also the use of a mild insectide might be required, perhaps one of the soap type though this kind of plant is relatively insect, pest, free.

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bihai(zone 9)

Its a moot point, I wouldn't send it to CA. Ever since I received a nasty letter from the CA Dept of Agriculture stating that I had violated their Agricultural statutes over a trade plant I sent that they confiscated and quarantined, CA and all the other "picky" states are definitely off my list.

It violates their nematode quarantine law, even though its an epiphyte that has been grown the required 18+ inches off the ground, on several points:
It's being grown on a property that has not been inspected, tested and deemed nematode free

It's growing in media that wasn't stored according to CA's stringent requirements (IE, the bags were stored on the ground, not OFF the ground) so the media isn;t considered sterile

It's growing in an area of mixed use where plants around it are potted in "dirty" soil

The convoluted Agricultural regulations of some of the "food producing" states are just too nuch for me to deal with, so CA, HI, TX, LA, AZ and PR are just, well, "out".

The ironic thing is, the plant I received the letter over WAS grown under almost ALL of the above conditions. Go figure.

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