Legality of Selling Terrariums

plantinellen(5)February 10, 2009

I love making terrariums. And because I live on wooded property, I have lots of moss, ferns and related plants handy with which to make them. My question is: If I sell terrariums with my home-grown plants at a yard sale or craft show, am I breaking any laws? I know my property isn't home to any endangered mosses or ferns...I'd be using pretty common plants.

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numbersix(Z 6 ON)

Check with your local fish and wildlife (or similar government agency) and they can tell you if it is legal to collect plants from your property.

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dont overthink it,just do it.check the laws but im sure your allowed to.

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If you aren't familiar with I reccomend checking it out to see all the terrariums users sell on there. Most of them are novice-level but it's interesting to see!


Here is a link that might be useful: etsy

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