A Note to Newbies

Cdfortin(GA)February 2, 2006

In recent weeks I have noticed several new members to the forum. First of all, I would like to welcome you all into our community. I think you will find this forum to be insightful and very helpful.

I just want to bring one thing to your attention. Periodically, newer members post messages that are entirely too basic. Questions like, "what light should I use," "what soil should I use," "how do you make a false bottom," "what type of plants should I use" are often posted. My favorite: "how do you make a terrarium."

I'm not trying to be hostile, but I just want to remind everyone of the convenient little search engine located at the bottom of each page. Please, before you go about posting a basic question, search the forum to see what you can find. Moreover, I would reccomend that you peruse some of the many excellent terrarium sites that are on the net today.

I'm not trying to signal out anyone, and I'm not trying to be rude or "matter-of-fact." I know that I posted many basic questions when I first joined the group, so I have no right to accuse anyone of doing the same.

Good luck with your terrariums!!


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Google is such a wonderful search engine and more people should use it to locate information before posting questions. After you have read a little and possibly have more specific questions then ask away.

Good searches would be vivarium, terrarium, Vivaria projects, Black jungle terrarium supply, cloud jungle epiphytes, and Dutch vivariums.

There are literally thousands of suitable plants so it is hard to make suggestions without specifics on the environment that they will be housed in. Find out what plants appeal to you by looking at photos on the above mentioned websites and then fee free to ask if they will be suitable for your terrarium.

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Good point. I find that the forum is most useful when you have done considerable research and have a specific question to ask.

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