Oregon Beak moss not feathering.

ddot(zn1/2 OR)March 6, 2009


About 5 years ago, I collected a small sample of Oregon Beaked moss. In the wild, it is ferny and feathery. But, when I put this feathery moss into my terrarium it didn't stay that way. Instead it just sent up masses of 1 inch long, thin erect moss stands (like thread) that has spread throughout my terrarium and crawls up the sides of the glass. It's very green and healthy, but they are single thin strands with barbs. I thought these strands would just take time to branch and become feathery. But after 5yrs, all I have is moss that looks like mossy grass. I fine mist the moss every once in a while to perk it up. But, how do I get my moss to feather out? I read another post suggesting that moss should go through a winter phase. How do you winter a terrarium? And keep it cool in the summer? My setup is: 10 gal tank. 1 all spectum 22 inch light tube hanging at a height of 16 inches from top of glass. Thank you!

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dirtmonkey(z8 OR)

Hello ddot; first, it's great that you've found a local outdoor moss that will grow in a terrarium long term! But besides not having wind, rain, cold, and dry cycles, your light is only a very tiny percentage of what beaked moss gets out in nature. My guess is that it can only become the natural form again outdoors.

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