Polka dot plant and selaginella moss dying?

environnessMarch 20, 2014

Hi I have a polka dot plant and selaginella moss plant in a terrarium. I kept them in separate pots for a month and watered them a lot and they thrived and grew. I then placed them in a terrarium and the moss started to have hard, dry, yellow stems and it's leaves were turning yellow so i cut some parts off and i put them around to try to get them to root but they just decomposed.
The polka dot plant is looking a little leggy. I'm not sure if i should pinch it out some more because the individual stems only have a few leaves on top and i'm afraid they won't grow back if there are no leaves at all.
Also, if it pinch the tops off, can i leave the stems in the soil and will they root and grow?
I keep the terrarium next to a window in indirect sunlight and it is under florescent lighting at night when I'm working for around 5 hours each day. I only spray it now that it's in a terrarium and sometimes i seal it. The soil is always moist and it's humid and you can see condensation on the glass so I don't think it's dying because im under watering it. Help!

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paul_(z5 MI)

The polka dot's legginess is an indication that more light is desired. I would pinch it back and, "yes" the cuttings can be rooted in a moist media. (Have never tried water them, personally.)

Is the fluor. lighting only on after dark? You may need to add supplemental lighting during the day. Conversely, you could move the terr to a brighter area though that can entail increased risk of overheating.

Selag sometimes "sulks" after repotting. I've had times wherein most of the selag I would add to a terr would die off but a few small pieces would survive and eventually refill the area.

Does the soil you are using have fertilizer added?

Do keep in mind that water quality becomes more important in a terr system as there is no place for excess mineral salts to get washed away to.

Keeping the terr sometimes covered and sometimes not might be creating an issue -- depending how radically the humidity keeps changing.

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