Watermelon vine issue

gmreevesMay 14, 2009

I started some sugar baby watermelons and some of them started getting attaked by cut worms. I put a collar around the remaining ones and also planted some more seeds. The ones with the collars were damaged because strong winds pushed the vines over and rubbed on the collars. They are still growing but the base of the stem looks really pathetic. The vine has begun to climb the trellis. There are two like this and three other healthy seedlings. Should I cut the two damaged ones and let the others take over or just let it go and see how it does?

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engineeredgarden(7, nw Alabama)

I would remove the damaged plants, because weak plants are a magnet for pest infestations.


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Done. I removed them this morning. I knew I should but I was enjoying watching them start to grow the vines. They did take a long time and it was probably due to the fact that they had some very damaged stems. THe leaves looked fine though. The other ones are only a couple of weeks behind so I am sure they will catch up.

Thanks for setting me straight.

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