White web looking stuff covering everything

maggierose83March 18, 2007

I planted my 2 vfts and my pitcher plant in a 10 gallon fish tank with glass over the top (left a gap for air) and placed it in my window. when I planted them I put them in with their original soil and added some peat moss aroung it and then put a bunch of rocks in there, now there is white web looking stuff starting to grow all in it, does anyone know what it is and how to get rid of it?

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Go down to,"something strange happening to my new terrarium" same problem with a couple of easy fixes, please read the posting carefully, the answer was literally under your nose! =)

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theres no bugs and the webbing is on the soil and rocks, and more thin than those pics, but maybe it is a fungus or mold or something, I'll try a lil more air flow

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Yeah, its prob that stringy "other worldly" looking mold/fungus, I had it in one of my set ups and a little stronger circulation took care of it, just watch your humidity =)

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When you put it in the window, the sun created too much condensation, so either leave the top off altogether or get it out of the window.

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